Bodhinatha Temple visits in Sydney, Australia

Here is Bodhinatha at the Sri Thurga Temple. Here is the Chief Priest and a temple trustee

Earlier in the day he visited Helensburg Sri Venkatesvara temple and gave a upadesha. It is a temple honoring both Siva and Vishnu.

Temple from another angle

Siva temple rajapopuram

Meeting with the temple management and members of the Hindu Council of Australia

Ganapati Kulam New Floor Completed

It is the last day of the phase and our Ganapati Kulam was happy to announce that they had pretty much completed the work on renovating the floor in the publication building.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Wednesday, February 18th.

This past phase the kulam spent time each morning getting things back in order.

We even removed the cabinets on the west wall leaving only the windows making for an incredible panoramic view of Iraivan (off in the distance in the left window in this picture…) and Mount Waialeale.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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