Sun Three

Sun Three brought us another bright day with a full report from the Pillaiyar Kulam. Shanmuganathaswami has been busy working on Hinduism Today subscription management. He said a lot of people are renewing the subscriptions. Muruganathaswami has been busy posting the most recently Kauai Aadheenam Newsletter. Yogi Jothinatha has a number of outreach and promotional projects underway. Yogi Jivananandanatha is deep into fulling out long and complex non-profit tax forms for the government.

Tour Day February 26, 2009

Blooming Green Jade canopy.

Guests listen intently as they observe the intricate carvings on Iraivan Temple

Guests look closely at the carvings and enjoy the many wonderful photo opportunities.

Some guests were enjoying the vibration of the sacred Rudraksha trees.

Others searched for the sacred seeds which have fallen on the forest floor.

We had about seventy guests on the tour today. Here they are blessed by Siva as Dakshinamurthi.

Silpis giving carving demonstration.

Paaladinesh Thavendivananthan, a cardiologist, and his wife, Lakshmi Kugathasan, a PHD candidate, visiting from Toronto, Canada.

A local visitor, Tully, in the green visor, brought her friends visiting from the mainland USA.

Batticaloa Boys Orphanage Building Progresses

At our orphanage on the Eastern shore of Sri Lanka, a stone laying ceremony took place last month. The ceremony was blessed by the presence of Sri Swami Sarvarupananda of the Ramakrishna Mission in Colombo, Sr Swami Ajarathmananda of the RK Mission in Batticoloa and Mr. S.T. Arulanandam of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress.

Swami lays the first of the five traditional bricks.

Each of the dignitaries adds one.

All celebrate the event. Bapu, the orphanage director, is standing to the left of swami. Behind you see the new building that was erected to replace the one destroyed by the 2005 Asian Tsunami.

The site is farther from the sea, so future tsunamis will not reach the new facilities. Our congratulations to the team that made this amazing project possible in the midst of hardships and dire uncertainties in this lovely island nation.

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