A Dynamic Sun Three

From still days to dynamically active days at the Aadheenam. Today was in the latter category with over 100 guests on the tour, lots of construction going on and every one very busy.

Jothi Param Makes Big Contribution

Jothi Param has been with us on Task Force for nearly 2 weeks and returns home on Saturday. Jothi has been with Gurudeva since he was a little boy and is now a grown man and a professional journeyman electrician. He has been a boon for the Siddhidatta Kulam, upgrading our electrical infrastructure. Here he is in the Cedar Room where he installed new track lights to properly illumine up the pictures of our beloved Parampara.

Here is Jothi in our the publications library, a small library of some 3-4,000 books, but amazing in its depth on submuects like the Agamas, Tirumantiram, Saiva Siddhanta and South Indian Saivism and art. He has installed a new switch box. All previously exposed wiring has been moved into conduit.

Thank you, Jothi!

Huge Tour Day!

It was lovely grand tour day with over 100 divine souls eager to see the marvel of Iraivan and the breath taking botanical gardens at Kauai Aadheenam.

It seems the economic slow down has had little effect on our visitor traffic. Here is everyone just after arrival gathering at the lookout over the Wailua River.

The tour host today was Kulamata Amala Seyon. Here she is explaining the beliefs of Saivism at the Siva Vinadhara mound

Guests were enthralled and listened intently to the beliefs and followed with profound questions including “What are the denominations of Hinduism?”

Our guests shown slowly wandering from the ponds near Rishi Valley all the way to the temple taking in the awe inspiring beauty.

Because of the work on the roof, guests must look from a distance. Here on the West side of the temple,they are learning about the unique carvings and the in depth thought that goes into each piece of stone.

Coming around to the East side. Here they learn about the sacred Rudraksha trees and seeds.

Group photos

Silpi carving demonstration.

New Visitor Information Center Progress

Minimela construction moves forward rapidly as the main wall framing is up.

Today they began putting up the rafters for the roof over the main building section.

Here is Kulamata Isani who took the tour day photos and afterwards takes up the role of host at the old Minimela. It can only hold about 5 people comfortably at a time. with tour of 100 visitors we really are looking forward to having the new Minimela built soon!

Publication Building Gets New Floor

The Ganapati Kulam just completed all its Hinduism Today work for the April issue of Hinduism’s foremost English-language magazine. Files were sent to the printer yesterday and officially proofed in digital form and signed off to go to press in Missouri.

That makes our team of editors and journalists and web-techies free to complete the project they have been working on for the past three weeks: installing a new floor in the publications building.

After a giant storm which caused the recent flooding of the building, the carpet began to grow strange and unusual creatures and was condemned. We ripped it out, scraped off the old glue, leveled the concrete and are now installing a new flooring, called “Hawaiian Bamboo.”

It is a lot of work! Once the floor is prepared, Tyvek sheeting is placed on the floor as a moisture barrier followed by a thin green layer of soft foam. Here we are this morning as the middle section is being worked on.

The conference room we refer to as the Cedar Room since the entire roof is made of cedar wood has been completed and is being used to hold everything that normally inhabits the space now being re-floored.

The front section of the kulam where we do all our video processing was also completed. It too is piled high….

By noon we had one quarter of the middle bay completed and it was finished by sunset. The other areas are walled off with plastic to prevent concrete dust from getting into the equipment. We hope to be finished sometime next phase. It is a major upgrade, and so much cleaner than a carpet.

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