Ashram Sadhana Day

It’s the middle of the month and today the monks had their Ashram Sadhana day for March, cleaning, repairing and renovating all kinds of things on the physical plane.

Today Pilgrims

The Selvarajah family (originally from Sri Lanka) are visiting for a few days from Edmonton, Canada. Chidambaram sthapati and two silpis, Rajendran and Pandi, take a moment pause in their work to pose for a photo with our visitors. They are busy working on the East gopuram rail which connects the two lion pillars.

A beautiful view of Dakshinamurthy under the banyon tree from the North-facing gopuram. Dharmalingam and Mangai Selvarajah (on the right), sometimes hosted Gurudeva and the monks at his home in Edmonton during Gurudeva’s many visits to Edmonton starting in the 1970’s. Selvarajah was one of the founding members of the Ganesha temple in Edmonton and has been in touch with the Aadheenam for over three decades.

Dharmalingam also fondly remembers visiting the Aadheenam and helping to plant Rudraksha seeds here in the late 1970’s -- which are now full grown trees. Their son Mayooran and his wife Shankeetha, also from Edmonto, Canada, are here visiting for the first time.

Srinivas and Lakshmi Reddy with their two children, Manisha and Robit are from St. Louis, MO.

Lakshmi stated that she had seen photos of Bodhinatha and her guru, Swami Nityananda, together in Bangalore, India, and had heard about this temple from friends who had previously visited the Kauai Aadheenam, so she felt very blessed to be here.

A very auspicious moment when Paramacharya Palaniswami unexpectedly appeared and talked with both families and left everyone feeling even more blessed.

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