Sun Four

Sun Four at the Aadheenam and all is well. Arumugaswami and Yoginathaswami went to Chidambaram today.

Got A Garden? No? Start One Today!

Gurudeva emphasized to his monks the importance of giving back, to the community, the state, the nation and the world. He himself met with the mayors of our island and leaders, and set in motion projects to guide the island toward a spiritual future, projects to help the drug problem get solved, projects to empower agriculture.


Following his ideal, the monks this week designed and printed a 2-foot by 8-foot banner at the request of the leaders of the Kauai Agricultural Initiative. The design is based on a bumper sticker the monks also designed, which KAI hopes will get more island peoples interested in growing and eating from their own gardens. The banner will be the central message at a community “Waste Not, Want Not” gathering in a few days.

Safety Upgrade for Pali Path

The Siddhidata Kulam is adding a “curb” along the the railing that goes along the pali path to help make sure none of our visitors accidently walks off the path and take a rolls down the slope of Ape plants.

Forming up the new curb around the existing metal posts.

This is a hand done cement job today.

Good job!

On the Path

Gurudeva spoke much of the spiritual path, its joys, its challenges, the distractions that make us take side roads and forget our ultimate purpose of God Realization.

Today we offer his thoughts on the path, as we follow some of the little paths at the monastery. "The camel walks slower with a heavy burden and stops if the burden is still heavier. The burdened have no sense of urgency, no expression of joy. They have stopped. They are standing on the path holding their troubles in their hands, unwilling and unable to let go."

"Yes, there is a sense of urgency on the path of enlightenment, but only when we are unburdened of karma, only when we are walking the path of dharma. Only then can true yoga be practiced and perfected."

"All Hindus without exception believe in reincarnation. In each birth we must fulfill more goals leading to the one ultimate goal which after many births well lived will loom before us as the only goal worthy of striving for in this lifetime."

"All other desires, all other aims and ambitions pale under the brilliance of even the thought of realization of Satchidananda and Parasiva."

"Finally, in your last incarnation on the Earth, you merge into its final experience, that great samadhi, the Self, beyond the complete, still area of consciousness."

"Dress up the inside. Make the qualities and tendencies of your nature match the outside. This is one of the great duties on the path. Bring forth the great qualities of devotion through the yoga called bhakti."

"You go in not knowing what you are getting into, and you come out wise. Your complete perspective is changed, and you only talk about it to those that are on the path of enlightenment, as they are the only ones steady enough or free enough to understand the depth of this realization."

"The seeker on the path has to be soft, pliable, easy to get along with, as well as firm-minded. Therefore, bhakti, which is love in action, is a necessary prerequisite to success on the San Marga, the straight path to God, toward merger with Siva."

"All kinds of yogic techniques can be practiced, but they hold no fruitful rewards for those who are not firm-minded and not strong in the essential virtues. The prideful, antagonistic and difficult-to-get-along-with people must soften their hearts."

"We cannot advance on the path without a starting place. No race was ever won but that everyone began at the same place. To know where we are on the path of life progressing to mukti — which is one of the four tenets of life, dharma, artha, kama, and mukti, merger with Siva --"

"…we should not be deluded by the ignorance of what the anava actually is, and what artha and kama are, the strength of their hold on the soul, preventing the dharma and the final attainment of mukti."

"Each experience that we have is a good experience, because it molds us. It shapes us, just like an artist would mold a piece of clay. From an ugly hunk of clay can emerge a divine being, molded by the artist."

"In that same way, the experiences of life, even those that boomerang back on us and those we think are terrible, mold us. But they only mold us quickly and benefit us tremendously if we hold our perspective as the inner man, the timeless man, the immortal being."

"Only in this way can this happen. That's the attitude, the thoughts we must have, as we go along on the path of enlightenment." Jai to our Gurudeva! Jai!

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