Sun Four

Today the Siddhidata Kulam reported on their activities. The main focus has been getting the forms ready on the roof of Iraivan for the next cement pour which hopefully will happen on Star 3 (third day of our coming 3-day full-moon retreat). Sadhaka Nilakantha has also almost completely the huge job of pruning all our fruit trees.

Silpis' Day Off

Six of our Indian stone craftsmen are in the final days of their stay on Kauai. They arrived in August of 2005 and will leave on April 1st of 2009. Happy to return to their homes and families, a bit sad to leave Paradise. Here they are on an excursion to Pearl Harbor, visiting the battleship Missouri on the deck of which was signed the War Treaty that ended World War II.

Silpi Manikandan is our best translator between languages.

Silpi Vellaichamy.

Silpi Rajendran.

Silpi Pandi.

Silpi Sellaiah. These photos from this morning are taken on their day off, during their temple visit. Silpi Karuppiah is missing.

They stood for a photo by Kadavul Temple, and this little girl came forward, excited to have her picture taken, too. That's little Alex with our Indian craftsmen. She asked Palaniswami where all the animals went during the Iniki hurricane. Alex worshipped Lord Ganesha for the first time today. As she stood up from prostrating, she told her mom, "She is so beautiful!" Alex saw Ganesha as a woman.

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