Bodhinatha Stops Over in Malaysia

Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami arrived home safe and sound yesterday after a dynamic trip to Mauritius. On the way home they had a brief stay over in Kuala Lumpur. Thilagarani Valluvan writes:

“Here is Bodhinatha coming off the plane in the Aerotrain. He is beaming with a smile of Love and Perfection.”

Shanmuganathaswami waits for the luggage.

Buggy off to Pan Pacific Hotel.

After the morning arrival from Mauritius, my family hosted breakfast for Bodhinatha and Swami at the KLIA Pan Pacific Hotel.

Sitting from the left Shanmuganathswami, myself (Thilagarani), Kulamatha Silvaraju, Kayshana, Valluvan (my husband) , Bodhinatha, Rishipathi Appasamy

Wedding Shower for Venita Katir in California

A wedding shower was held for Venita Katir on the 13th of April at Devi Param’s residence. Here she receives a beautiful shawl.

Everyone who came to the shower.

Quilting in California

At another women’s gathering in California, our ladies gathered at Savitri Palani’s residence to give a surprise gift for Indivar Sivanathan. What could it be?.

It is a beautiful quilt that was embroidered and made by the ladies. It is full of our energy and love.

The quilt consist of Saivite symbols and we are all happy that it turned out very well.

Silpis In Malaysia

Previously three of the silpis who finished up their tour of duty on Kauai stopped over in KL on their way back to India and we hosted them for some sightseeing. Here we are in Putrajaya. In the back is the Putrajaya International Convention Center. On the right is my son Kayshana and husband Valluvan

The hotel where the silpis stayed

Beautiful views of Putrajaya area for our silpis.

Magic of Tropical Plant Worlds

The path outside our media lab looks like something from the Balinese artwork for Gurudeva’s Lemurian Scrolls book.

The mango tree there is huge, majestic and host to numerous other life forms.

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