The Power of Affirmation

Sun five, the last day of another productive phase at Kauai Aadheenam. It seems to always be the case, with Gurudeva’s shakti guiding the way of one accomplishment after the other.

One of the reasons this happens might be Gurudeva’s policy of zero tolerance for disharmonious conditions. Because monks solve their disagreements before sleep, love flows abundantly. Prana is never congested and can be use for creative projects.

We sometimes show our Siddhidata kulam’s green thumb skills with photos of our vegetable gardens, where Panchamukha Ganapati leads the devas to provide a bountiful harvest.

Today we have photos of another beautiful job the SK is doing at the monastery. It is the renovation of the Nakshatra gardens, behind Bodhinatha’s headquarters, the Mahogany Room.

Sadhaka Tejadevanatha drives the CAT and brings big rocks.

Landscaping and new plants transform the area.

Under the watchful gaze of our felines…

…the Siddhidata Kulam adds new colors that will grow and adorn the path.

There is a not-so-secret recipe for the Siddhidata Kulam’s success and consistency. Gurudeva wrote it down as an affirmation, repeated daily by the Kulam members, highlighting the goals, the means and the willpower involved in their daily tasks. It molds their subconscious to a more positive life.

Every Kulam in the monastery has their daily affirmation.

The SK affirms, “We are flexible, though our schedules are demanding. There is no task greater than what we can master, control and complete.”

Some monks also use other affirmations. We recently published a collection of Gurudeva’s powerful statements used to remold the mind in a small booklet.

You can find “The Power of Affirmation” here.

Yoginathaswami, the SK’s Talaivar, oversees the operations of his group.

Here he talks with Sadhaka Haranandinatha, who is preparing for Iraivan Day.

Today is the last day of our phase and we enter a two-day retreat, where we will work in projects related to Iraivan. The newsletter is printed and ready.

Meanwhile, in the Lambodara Kulam, the fishes wonder if the photographer brought any food for them.

One wonder that just arrived in the monastery is this beautiful Nandi. It is destined for high places. It will adorn the top of Iraivan Temple’s kodimaram.

Nandi, Siva’s perfect devotee, reminds us that when we tame our animal nature in discipline and devotion, the light of the soul shines forth.

Aum Namasivaya. Enjoy your retreat and go within and within.

Worksite Manager's Home in Bengaluru

For many long years, almost 20, the Rajasankara family has managed the Iraivan Temple worksite. All that time they lived a most austere life, raising their two boys in a humble home that was more like a shanty. Gurudeva and the swamis stayed there many times, and great work radiated out from the home. With the new move these past couple of years, that home had to be abandoned and a new one built. After an enormous amount of effort, Jiva and his wife Kanmani have moved into their new manager’s quarters. Congratulations to the entire family for making this manifest so Iraivan can continue its march toward completion.

Explore the house by clicking HERE TO SEE THE SLIDESHOW.

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