A Homa, a Bird, a few Rishis and 72,000 nadis

Sun One at the Aadheenam!

Jai Ganapati. May the Lord of categories remove all obstacles for a dynamic and supercounscious 5-day phase.

As instructed by Gurudeva, we begin our phase with a homa. This one was unusually powerful.

Many had some experience to share after the homa was over and the shakti had subsided, its rays moving out from Kadavul Temple to bless the world.

Bodhinatha’s talks were about the June Mamsani. He talked about our nerve centers, from the gross physical nerves to the very subtle chakras above the sahasrara. By feeling ourselves as energy, we have a new perspective in life.

The June Mamsani is a wonderful meditation. We will post Bodhinatha’s bhashya soon.

This is a table of some of our 72,000 nadis, or subtle energy currents. A human being is an undiscovered powerhouse, a wonder for the meditator to explore.

Leaving Kadavul temple early in the morning, we are greeted by the sight of Iraivan Temple, a little hidden behind the trees, a palace of mysticism and devotion.

A little bird sings the dawn of a new day.

Rishi Tirumular in blissful samadhi, the serenity of his smile speaking of inner joys. Yogaswami said it well, “You must taste God like one tastes sugar-candy.”

An Outing to Anini Beach

On the full moon day, a few of the monks went on an outing to Anini Beach in the northeast of the island. Press the play button above to watch our slideshow, or walk through the photos one by one by clicking on their thumbnails or pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to the sides of the thumbnails. We highly recommend clicking the full screen button on the far right of the slideshow control bar.

[slidepress gallery=’anini-beach-outing—may-2009′]

New Directional Tiles for the Flagpole

Our flagpole, where the banner of the ritau flies high, has an often-overlooked simple compass structure at its base.

This is a photo from last April.

While our eyes are always drawn up to the flags’ inspiring dance against the blue sky, the monks have prepared a beautiful upgrade for the base of the flagpole.

Palaniswami designed these tiles fifteen years ago, with a state of the art Macintosh of those days.

We had them made long ago, but they sat in a box waiting for the right time. For the monks, patience is a key element of good timing.

They will be installed soon.

Silpis Visit Kawamura's

The silpis went sightseeing this last retreat and, of course, also shopping. Second only to Walmart was a vist to Kawamura’s, the island’s best heavy-duty equipment store.

The staff loved to show the silpis the coolest tools. There is a subtle irony that these masters of hammer and chisels were observing the West’s way — one of more brute force, but less refinement and skill.

Later, a stop at the beach for a South Indian (very hot) lunch.

A Wordcloud of Mathavasis

This wordcloud is a little like us: different colors, diverse hues and abilities, closely tied together around our gurus in a harmonious pattern.

Gurudeva wrote in the Saiva Dharma Shastras about the standards we work within ourselves to uphold:
“The circle of swamis, yogis and sadhakas, our ordained clergy, is the core of the Church. These year-after-year servants of the divine work harmoniously together in a humble, self-effacing way to further the mission of the parampara.”

We wish you a blessed phase. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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