Sun Three Bright and Sunny

Sun Three at the Aadheenam. The Pillaiyar Kulam related it’s news today. Our new Minimela information center will have solar panels which will run all the electrical needs for the building itself as well as the adjacent office building. One small step forward in reducing global warming.

Lord Ganesha at Kadavul Temple

This video was contributed by Nigel Siva who wrote this song in praise of Lord Ganesha in Kadavul temple. The song was sung by Tamil playback singer, Michael Fernando.

Faces and Flowers

Kulamata Amala Seyon does a lot of seva at the Aadheenam. Hosting guests and answer many, many questions of visitors is a duty she enjoys.

Shakti Mahadevan is here on pilgrimage from California

These white egrets are all over the island of Kauai. This one knows that the Hindus here will never harm him or her.

A gift of some exquisite anthuriums appears at our doorstep. Thank you!

Golden Gate Mission At Himalayan Fair

Satya Palani's art wall altars at the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley.

Satya showing his work.

Sandhya Devi Param comes by with her face painted to help.

Sandhya and her grandmother Kulamata Bhavani Param admire the wall altars.

Big sale of the day, Lord Krishna surround by beautiful stones.

A fair goer admiring the shrines.

Kulapati Satya and Kulamata Savitri managed the booth for the day. Thank you both for this sivathondu.

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