Sun Five

Sun Five, end of our phase.

The Ganapati Kulam reported on their work today. They are calling their work place the “Media Studio” now.

Work continues on getting the July issue of Hinduism Today digitized. Articles for the October issue are in development. Senthilnathaswami is working on the Publisher’s Desk video of Bodhinatha. Palaniswami and Kumarswami are forging ahead on the new book about our Paramapara and Gurudeva’s life. Sadhaka Satyanatha worked on the translations that TAKA brings you today. And there is a lot of background research going on hook into new slideshow technologies and publications channels on the internet. Stay tuned for more in the days ahead.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Navami Tithi, Sun One, Monday, May 18th.

Hinduism Today Publisher's Desk Video

We are happy to present to you Bodhinatha’s Publisher’s Desk editorial, in video form, from the July/August/September 2009 edition of Hinduism Today Magazine. In this video, Bodhinatha talks about three kinds of temples: the community temple, the home shrine and the temple within you.

Announcing more translations on our Other Languages page

We have now uploaded to our translations page a few more jewels. One of them is the much-need Ten Questions insight in Tamil. See it and other translations here!

Another addition is the parenting insight in French, a big hit in Mauritius. If you love your children, correct their behavior in a positive way, making them confident, not fearful.

Ten Questions in Portuguese — on Scribd!

We are beginning to use a new technology for accessing pdfs, called Scribd. Publications such as The New York Times are using Scribd to offer a more complete experience on the web of material originally designed for printing. For a long time, web applications were a far cry from the polished beauty of a magazine page — but no more.

Gurudeva’s beautiful teachings encourage us to not be afraid of new technologies, but to embrace them and make them tools for the greater good. Introducing Scribd on TAKA, with a Portuguese translation of Ten Questions done by Gustavo Cunha, from Portugal. Click here.

Don’t miss other translations on our foreign languages page!

Singing to God

Sweet devotional songs wafted through the tropical air this morning. Upon exploring the source, we found this family at the temple pool lovingly praising Siva in traditional hymns from the Tamil. It was the senior Amma's birthday today.

Nearby another family is figuring out the telescope.

It points to Iraivan Temple so visitors can see the work from a distance.

Another family takes a photo of the pond and waterfalls from the Media Studio entrance.

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