Scaffolding Team Moves to Kadavul Today

Sun Four felt very auspicious as the work on the gold leafing scaffolding is underway and we feel a fresh breeze of positive energy in the air….

Today the team from Honolulu put up a scaffolding around the Kodimaram of the Iraivan temple.

The metal portion of the flagpole in front of Kadavul Hindu Temple will also be clad in gold leaf. For this, the team put up this special scaffolding today. They also helped Palaniswami put up a camera housing 25 feet up in a tree. This is for taking a month-long timelapse movie of the gold leafing work. If it works, we will see the entire 30-day process in 90 seconds.

Visiting Guests

Hindu Visitors arrived from all parts of the Mainland on Memorial Day, many for the first time.

Resting in the shade of the Meditation Pavilion are Anjana and Ashutosh Rastogi with Ashutosh's father, Kunwar B. Rastogi all from Odessa, TX. "What a beautiful and spiritual place this is" remarked Ashutosh. "We definitely want to come here again."

A group from the "Astro Convention" arrived for the morning puja and a tour of the Iraivan Temple. The Convention is headed by Vedic Astrologer, Dennis Harness "Dayananda", (far right in orange) who is well known to the Swamis here.

What's in Siva's Sacred Garden Today?

Siva's Garden on Kauai grows more delightful and endearing each day. This anthurium was just added to the gems that make up the collection.

After two years, this small vine finally bloomed this morning.

And the Turtle Vine, which amazes visitors so, is sending up two new shoots today. palaniswami is encouraging them to follow the yellow twine so they go straight up this year.

A new tropicals mound.

This was imported from another planet near the Pleiades.

Happy in the morning sun and rain.

Looks like a batik in nature, but actually it's a variegated Elephant Ear (Alocacia).


The rare and elegant White Torch Ginger, with one flower and three more coming in the days ahead.

All in Iraivan's Garden of Delights.

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