Yogi Jivananandanatha's Training Under Bodhinatha

Our cameraman went over to see what the Pilllaiyar Kulam was up to today.

Yogi Jivanandanatha carries a major responsibility for Saiva Siddhanta Church, Himalayan Academy, Hinduism Today and Hindu Heritage Endowment accounting. He has been in training under Bodhinatha for nearly six years. Here we see the training continues as Bodhinatha passes on all the administrative skills and knowledge he had gained through his decades of performing these duties for Gurudeva.

It is often a very complex and huge job. Thank you Yogi Jivanananda for this great service!

End of Phase

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Monday, June 1st.

Minimela Progress – Our New Green Building

Shanmuganathswami, the Talaivar of the Pillaiyar Kulam has turned into the job superviser for the new Information Center we call Minimela.

Here is the main room in the first floor, he is checking on some light fixtures that have been installed.

He is dedicated to a goal of making this as green a building as possible.

“These lights are running on solar power right now.”

“This is the transformer and battery room. We have six huge storage batteries here.”

“The batteries are fed by 18 solar panels up on the roof.”

“When our system is complete we hope to be generating 6.4 Kilowatts, enough energy to power both this building and the current offices, completely from solar power.”

“Upstairs we have what they call a ‘energy recovery’ system. It’s a bit hard to explain, but when we run the air conditioning, this system pulls in air from the outside and carefully regulates the inside air, moisture content and temperature as well. It looks big but the whole thing uses less than 150 watts and helps reduce the over-all air conditioning power consumption.”

Brad is the lead contractor on the job. Every day he consults closely with swami on the progress. The final painting of the building is scheduled for next week.

Long-time friend, renovator, builder, handy man, John Anderson, one of the most competent tradesmen we have ever known, is also in the job. He’s a multi-talented specialist. Today he’s focused on drywall installation up stairs in the second story room ceiling.

Another man on the team. He was shy to look at the camera and give us his name…

Guests Today

It was a very quiet day today at the Aadheenam with few visitors. On vacation from Salem, IL., Mr. P. Suppiah and his wife Kalyani arrived for the morning puja in Kadaval Temple. Both are originally from Madurai, S, India, and so they were especially interested to visit the Chola-style Iraivan Temple that they had heard so much about from friends. "It is just wonderful" remarked Mr. Suppiah. "We are so very happy we could come."

This delightful young couple, Jory and Kaewyn are both from Denver, CO and felt very happy they had found our spiritual paradise. Kaewyn was very interested in the children's books on the Saivite Hindu Religion and bought a set of them in our Mini Mela shop.

Mauritius Center Progress

From Mauritius, Manon Mardemootoo send more updates on progress there.

“Some pictures of progress on wall by river. It will be filled with stones and concrete and boulders will be placed on the side facing the river, for protection.”

A new gate has been installed, the entrance to the future parking lot.

Being close to the ocean the Spiritual park is short of land. underlying most of the acreage one finds nothing but large boulders.

This area is being built up. A benefactor has offered to supply us with concrete block rubble for fill. We are expecting 100 lorry loads of concrete rubble. It’s really a big gift to the park.

small sapling in plastic bags are being nurture for later planting on the property.

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