Sun Five End of Phase

Today is the last day of our phase. The Ganapati Kulam gave news today. This phase they completed the production of the July 2009 issue of Hinduism Today which is off to the press with the Iraivan temple as our lead, feature story for the issue.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming three-day retreat,
until Tritiya Tithi, Sun One, Friday, May 11th.

100th Chittra Puja for Gurudeva

Today marks the 2,733rd day since Gurudeva's Great Departure into his world of light, and we all gathered in Kadavul Temple for Chittra Puja.

Here he is at Tiruchendur Temple in 1981, holding Murugan's insignia.

It was a milestone, the 100th Chittra Puja held to honor his life and teachings and all the spiritual gifts he bequeathed to us. So, we have seen 100 moons pass above, in 7.5 years.

Much has happened, and he would be proud of all his shishya around the world. Proud they are upholding their vratas, the power of the sampradaya. Proud they are growing each day through sadhana and meditation. Proud they are all working together as a spiritual fellowship to bring forth the great teachings of the Self within all.

Thank you, Gurudeva. A hundred times thank you, for planting the seeds of Sivadhyanam and Sivathondu in our hearts, for showing us that the world is perfect, even in its seeming imperfection.

Potriyan Sivanathan, our young task forcer from Malaysia is a bright, cheerful and dedicated young man. He has just come out from the puja ready for a new day.

The Aadheenam was bathed in beautiful spring light.

And Waialeale was clear


Another beautiful day brought Siva bhaktars, Arvind and Radha Trivedi from San Diego, CA. Their son Shailesh is also well-known to the Swamis for his selfless and generous contribution to the Hinduism Today Production Fund. He shares his mother's love of all that grows and owns and operates a flower farm in Fallbrook, CA. Arvind and Radha are here on pilgrimage and attended the 6 a.m. Chitra puja, honoring Gurudeva this morning, followed by the powerful abishekam and Siva puja at 9 a.m. They strolled the beautiful grounds remarking upon the amazing and varied species of beautiful plants from around the world that seem to flourish in this tropical paradise. Here they pause in silence near the sacred Swyambhu Lingam where Gurudeva received his threefold vision from God Siva in 1975.

They then toured the beautiful Iraivan Temple and conversed with Chidambaram Stapathi and the silpis. Although Radha had previously visited the temple, Arvind was enjoying his first visit here today. Also accompanying them is one of Gurudeva's students from the 1970's, Sharon L. Mann from Seattle who is visiting for several days. She stated that she felt very moved by her experience here today.

Saivite Children's Camp in St. Louis, Missouri

A two day Saivite Children’s Camp was held on April 24th and 25th in St. Louis, Missouri for the community’s children. The camp was conducted by Rishi Thondunathan. Children were instructed about the Nine Beliefs of Hinduism, A Hindu Primer, Ten Questions about Hinduism and more from Gurudeva’s book, Dancing with Siva. The parents of the children also attended the Camp.

For the field trip, the group visited the Hindu Temple of St. Louis. Satguru Bodhinatha has visited this temple last year.

Seventy Souls for Tour Day

Seventy beautiful souls joined us today on "Public Tour Day". Many thoughtful questions from the group enriched their experience and expanded their understanding and appreciation for Hinduism.

These bright souls traveling from British Columbia and Washington State study metaphysical science and were impressed with the high energy that surrounded the monastery/temple property.

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