Bodhinatha's Travels Continued: Vancouver

Darshan meeting with Saravan Veylan who has completed his law schooling and is now an intern at a law firm in Vancouver. He is following in his father's foot steps who is a prominent lawyer in Edmonton, Canada. Well done, Saravan!

Manikam Senthivel family took such good care of Bodhinatha during his stay in Vancouver. His meals were prepared with love and cooked in the traditional Tamil style. Thank you to the entire family for the wonderful meals.

Bodhinatha enjoys an early morning walk.

Bodhinatha stands by two elephants smaller but a bit similar to the elephants that have been carved in India for Iraivan temple

The city of Vancouver is underegoing a makeover for the 2010 Winter Olympcs. Above is an electric train station that will run from the airport to down town Vancouver. New buildings have sprouted up all over the city.

Olympic stores are all over selling, you guessed it, Olympic gear.

Sumi is one of several Olympic mascots. Bodhinatha flies to Calgary next. See you tomorrow.

Priya Alahan Moves Forward in Spiritual Life: Arulsishya signing

Priya Alahan, daughter of Kulapati Durvasa and Kulamata Isani Alahan, became an Arulsishya of Saiva Siddhanta Church on June 23rd.

She read out loud, and signed, the four vows of vegetarianism, tithing, guru lineage and ahimsa


A nice group of 30 gathered at the Calgary Hindu Society Temple to listen to Bodhinatha's discourse on "Suggestions for Passing on our Hindu Traditions."

Devotees sang before Bodhinatha's talk.

Bodhinatha goes into meditation for a few minutes before bringing forth the gems of wisdom that the group yearns for.

Bodhinatha performs an arati, then gives his talk.

During the arati, devotees sing sweetly.

Following the discourse, many devotees come forth thanking Bodhinatha for his clear, concise talk and receive vibhuti prasadam.

Young and old come forward.

Bodhinatha steps outside the Hindu Society Temple to take in the fresh Calgary air.

The last morning in Calgary our TAKA photographer went on a nature walk and found some interesting and beautiful landscaping .

Bodhinatha during his daily his walking sadhana.

A unique Canadian bird.

The small brown specks on the green grass are little squirrels. This soccer field was filled with them. They were running and playing in the morning hours.

Last day in Calgary

Downtown Calgary

Before departing, Bodhinatha was shown the future site for a temple.

A few minutes outside of the city nestled in the farm land of Calgary, 42 acres has been purchased by three Hindu groups. One of those groups, The Murugan Society, will be building a Murugan temple. They plan to purchase a large trailer building and use that to house Murugan and start the worship. Fund raising for a permanent temple will commence. Bodhinatha has been invited back to see the temple project. Jai Muruga!

Bodhinatha is shown the future Site of Calgary’s Murugan temple

Our two hosts, Panch Panchalingam on the left and Raj Pillai on the right, have been instrumental in pushing this temple project forward. We look forward to seeing Murugan's new Canadian home.

A short flight to Edmonton and two more uplifting events.

Bodhinatha in Edmonton

Devotees happily greet Bodhinatha at the airport in Edmonton.

Darshan meeting with the growing Veylan Family. The newest member of the family is Shyla.

Mayooran Selvarajah and Shankeetha Anantha. They recently visited the monastery and are looking forward to their next visit. Shankeetha will give birth to her first child in 5 weeks! Bodhinatha blesses you both as you embark on parenthood.

The Maha Ganapati Temple of Edmonton greets Bodhinatha with garlands and rose petals placed at his feet.

Devotees are over joyed to have a Satguru in their presence.

Traditional Nadaswaram and Tavil players are present for the grand event.

Arati is waved before Bodhinatha as he enters the temple.

Bodhinatha sits before the homa pit and enjoys lively music from our Nadaswaram and Tavil players.

Part of the yearly festival is the milk kavadi . Devotees carry a kumbha of milk around the temple and the milk is then use to bathe Lord Ganesha.

You can feel the energy in the air as the Homa commences. All three worlds are connected and the darshan is felt by all.

Bodhinatha leads the procession.

The milk kumbhas are brought back into the temple to bathe Ganesha, Jai!

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