Edmonton Ganapati Temple Events, Part 2

Behind the Maha Ganapati temple is a breath-taking forest. Here Bodhinatha has been asked to bless a small area where devotees can meditate in nature. A statue of Dakshinamurti will be placed to look over the meditators as they go in and into themselves in silence.

The sacred location has been chosen and a kumbha of blessed water is poured.

Bodhinatha breaks a coconut in the spot where Dakshinamurti will be placed.

Ganesha is now brought out to lead in a procession around the temple

These youths have made their own Kavadi and will take part in the procession as well

Jai Ganesa

All are uplifted by the strong darshan today

Bodhinatha and Iyer, the chief priest, over see the event

Kavadi, Kavadi Kavadi !!!

Temple Trustees present Bodhinatha with a commemorative plate of the auspicious festival to Ganesha

Last Hours in Edmonton

At the Fiji Multicultural Center Bodhinatha is greeted by Rajesh Bali and his wife. He receives the traditional feet washing before entering the center.

Bodhinatha give a well received talk on " Understanding and Cultivating Tolerance."

Devotees come forward for vibhuti prasadam.

Our hosts, the Bali family.

A rainbow came out just to remind the traveling monks of their home in Hawaii.

A big part of Canadian culture is hockey. Here is the Oilers stadium.

These four massive glass structures house plants from around the world. We are told that one of the structures is stocked with tropical plants just like at the monastery.

Darshan meeting with Jai and Ganga Murugan.

Nitya Sivam comes to be with the Satguru.

The Suthakar family recently visited the monastery.

Vaidyisa Bala.

Rajesh Bali and his wife.

Golden Flagpole

When the morning tropical rains came, the gilders from Maryland quickly put up some plastic to cover the temple flagpole.

Their gold leaf is so delicate, even a breeze can make work difficult. So they worked all morning in this tented structure.

Then, about noon they were done. Off came the tent.

Michael Kramer then made a final examination, finally declaring the kodimaram finished. 23-karat dazzle included.

One more task.

They head to the top of the scaffolding to install the nine golden bells. Tomorrow the scaffolding will be removed and we will have our first unobstructed view.

At that moment these young visitors came along the path. Like the three dozen other guests today, they were showered with tiny fragments of real gold. Amazing!

Tour Day News

Yesterday at 9:00 a.m. on “public tour day” over 80 souls meet near the Nepalese Ganesha to hear and see the wonderment’s of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery.

Passing Kadavul temple and winding through a treasury of heliconia, ginger, ti and bromeliads the scene opens to the sacred Wailua River below.

Inner plane beings watch the procession.

Intelligent and sincere questions keep alive a wonderful uplifting dialog.

A good number of guests are still present after almost two hours for the parting words and a group photo.

June Activities in Mauritius

Despite a heavy downpour at La Pointe on that June Sunday, Ganesha Homa at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius was another big spiritual event drawing thousands to worship at the Holy Feet of Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati.

As usual hundreds of prayers went into the the large Homa pit placed just in front of the huge granite murthi.

Devotees in all piousness absorbed in the worship of the Lord.

A special guest to the Park from South India, Mrs Premila Gurumurthi (left) from Madras University, Chennai is leading a song inside the Ganesha Mandapam.

The rain has ceased a little allowing those devotees outside the tent to bring their trays full of offerings.

Kulapati Manon Mardemootoo giving the usual monthly talk to the public. The ceremony was a nice one on the whole and due to the heavy rains we could not get more photos of this event.

Another event…. This month was Himalayan Academy Mauritius having its second session for SHR catalyst trainees at the Spiritual Park.

Participants went thoroughly into the contents of Satguru Bodhinatha’s SHR Book One and Two and studied the key concepts to be imparted to the youth.

Participants also studied about Hatha Yoga and Meditation from our parampara’s teachings.

Time for a coffee break in the 3 hour session, allowing us to use our camera….. We kindly introduce a few of our participants, future SHR catalyst for the island. From left, Toulesh Sharma, Selven and Nuckiren.

From left, Selven. Kulapati Mougam Periatumbee and Saranen

From left, Kulapati Amba Valaytan, Bala and Naden Caramben

Yudananda Munian has ben very helpful in coordinating the coffee break.

Mrs Arnasalon and Kevina

Ananda Mootoocurpen (right) had a key role in organising in April 09, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami’s Seminar in Mauritius.

Vandana Nathoo is already teaching a group of youth in Flor├łal and plans to hold classes in other places and she has been in the past helping uploading our Church translated teachings on Wikipedia. She is working closely with Kulamata Premila Manick on future HA projects.

Veena Cunniah will be taking care of SHR classes in Flacq with other catalysts in a team teaching spirit.

kamila is very enthusiastic about teaching the youth ….

Another lady in the south who with the support of her son and husband her family share Bodhinatha’s teachings in that part of the island.

Anandi foreground, from Quatre Bornes and Mrs Munian from St. Julien preparing the coffee for us. Thank you!

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