Guru Purnima Dedications are Flowing

It is Guru Purnima week and annual rededications and devotional offerings are flowing in to Bodhinatha. Here is a particularly beautiful photo from Hitesvara on the Big Island, who has been transcribing Gurudeva’s and Bodhinatha’s talks.

He writes:

Aum Namah Sivaya Beloved Satguru Bodhinatha-ji

May Siva’s clear white light open the lotus’s of the hearts of devotees worldwide and provide peace to all souls in the universe as it flows through Gurudeva and out through Thy Lotus Feet on this awesome Guru Purnima with blessings flowing and always.

Mahala Nui Loa for your holding the strings of our karmas, your teachings, and guidance.

We have a large crop of Rudrakshas this year thanks to the Aadheenam gifting us 6 years ago with seedlings. Three fell on me from the above while I was collecting these for our outdoor Nataraja shrine.


Kodimaram Gilding Timelapse

Below is a 15-second timelapse of the gold gilding of the Kadavul Temple kodimaram. Weather made it hard to capture, but you can see the scaffolding, and glimpses of the priming and gold-leafing. Rains caused the team to put up a put up a tent that concealed most of the real work. A partial removal of the scaffolding is quickly discernable at the end.


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