Guru Purnima Week Continues

We enter a series of very auspicious days as we head toward the joyous time of year when we honor our Satguru.

Bodhinatha Upadeshas — Audio Update

We are catching up with Bodhinatha’s Upadesha’s and and four new upadesha’s and transcripts have been posted. We will be linking to a new one every day this phase, just click on the right side bar.

If you can’t wait to listen to all four, then go to Bodhinatha’s audio page, scroll down to 2009 and you will find all the most recent talks linked on his index page (click here to go)

TAKA Upgrade — New Gurudeva Gallery

Kauai–The Oldest Hawaiian Island

Goddess Pele, as the Hawaiian’s refer to the volcano below the island of Hawaii, has spawned her Hawaiian island off-spring over millions of years.

Kauai Island, this blessed land we are privileged to live on, is her eldest child.

Tour Day – June 1st

We bring you a few shots from yesterday’s tour.

Kulapati Deva Seyon was the host and writes:

“Our Gurudeva, Bodhinathaswami and a rare handful of monks have created a vibration so strong through their devotion and personal sadhana that every week the world comes knocking at Kauai Aadheenam.”

They could be laying next to a pool or on the beach, but they are drawn by the beautiful inner being of themselves to experience the loving influence that permeates these sacred grounds.

Concierge’s from local hotels, people in shops and stores and on the beach tell visitors – have you been to Kauai’s Hindu Monastery? – Oh you simply must go up there, you will be amazed.” This is the story we hear again and again.

Each visitor brings a unique spiritual energy and upliftment for the whole group, . . . at the end of a very short time all feel close like family.

These beautiful souls are from Michigan. Sridhar, Nirmala, Shreya & Shyam!

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