Sun One Begins New Phase

Today after the homa, Bodhinatha continued with his talk on the mission of Hinduism Today magazine as originally outlined by Gurudeva.

Senthilnathaswami performs today’s rites.

Many prayers await their turn to ascend to the heaven worlds on the wings of the fire.

Monks are rapt in attention and absorbed in meditation during the intense ceremony.

Siva makes his offerings to the fire.

Honored Guest from India Arrives

Prominent priest Sri. A. S. Sundaramurthy Sivam Sivacharya from Bangalore Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Patashala arrived in Kauai today for a visit.

He is staying in the guest house with Brahmachari Vel Mahalingam.

Sri. A. S. Sundaramurthy Sivam is the principle of the school which is also known simple as “Sri Sri Gurukul.” You can visit their web site here.

Raining at the Monastery Today

It is raining abundantly at the monastery, much to the surprise of our tour day visitors. Joe Russell, our monastery IT consultant who is visiting from San Francisco, took this video with his iPhone 3G S, showing the river in spate. The Nani Ka`ua waterfall has almost completely disappeared under the rushing rapids.

Tour Day July 23, 2009

Today's tour brought around fifty interested souls to experience the darshan (sight) of Siva manifesting throughout the temple grounds. A lovely tree fern frond unfolding near the Banyan Mandapam.

Guests slowly wander through the garden learning about Hinduism and feeling the palatable presence of the Divine.

A banana tree with fruit and dangling flower grows in the lovely tropical garden providing beauty and fruit.

It has been very rainy the past few days and the Wailua River is powerfully alive rushing by the lookout on the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Even on an overcast rainy day, Iraivan shines like a precious gem in paradise.

Silpi Kanan offers the charcoal pencils to the guests for inspection before beginning the carving demonstration.

Everyone is focused on his explanation of the different types of chisels used for carving the white granite stones that make Iraivan.

The pouring rain did not hinder this devotee honoring Dakshinamurti, Siva as the silent Guru.

Kanan demonstrates the smoothing chisels and technique for polishing the stones.

These lovely souls coming from Greece, Russia and many other regions on the planet enjoyed the tour at Kadavul/Iraivan Temple complex and would not be deterred by the heavy rains that blessed all.

Teaching the Youth to Care for the Elderly

In Saiva Dharma Sastras, Gurudeva says: Outreach service consists of serving Hindus outside the immediate family, such as “hospital visitation, taking flowers to and consoling Hindus who are ill, reading scriptures to the elderly or handicapped”.

As part of the summer camp teaching programs, Rishi Thondunathan takes the students to different elderly homes in the Toronto area, to sing bhajans and interact with the elders in the home. In this way, the children learn first hand the responsibility of caring for the elderly and seeking their wisdom.

These following pictures are taken on July 4th at the Yee Hong Center for Long Term Care in Toronto, Canada.

The resident chaplain of the Yee Hong Center, Rev. Charles Yu, with the youth.

Twenty-five students from last year’s summer camp take turns and visit the Yee Hong Center every first Saturday of the month to perform this service. In a special ceremony at the Sai Illam of Toronto, Rishi Thondunathan presented a “Certificate of Appreciation of Service” to the 25 youth who participated in this program.

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