Guru Purnima Celebrations 2009

The auspicious day has arrived. Joyous misty devotional feelings of love, gratitude and sense of awesome appreciation for the great gift of the living preceptor and the heritage of our lineage, fills the air and our hearts.

It is 6 am and Bodhinatha has arrived at the Third World section of San Marga with devotees and monks to parade to the Swayambhu Lingam.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming three-day full moon Guru purnima retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Thursday, July9th.

Up on the chariot.

The early rays of dawn before the sun comes up light our way amid showers the freshen the air.

Arriving at the Swayambhu square, Yogi Jivanandanatha, the priest today, greets our beloved Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

Bodhinatha is in cheery spirits as he puts his feet on the padukas.

The pada puja begins. The vibration of which is only known to those who attend. It is magical mystical event when all the teachings of Saiva Siddhanta seem to converge in a powerful moment of high Truth.

Bodhinatha dives deep within to merge in the Self.

The affirmation that the Self is within each of us, and that the Satguru is the living manifestation of that truth becomes a palpable reality during the Guru puja.

Tuning in to the Satguru at this moment, one also tunes into one’s deepest Self. The subtle kundalini comes alive and it becomes clear what is the meaning of “arul” or grace as understood in Saiva Siddhanta.

After the puja Bodhinatha blesses each of the devotees.

The monks tend the fire as everyone sings bhajans in praise of the Guru:

“Om Gurunatha, Jeya Gurunatha!”
Jeya Gurunatha, Sat Gurunatha,
Sat Gurunatha, Siva Gurunatha!
Siva Gurunatha, Aum Gurunatha…..”

Bodhinatha receives garland after garland….

Arumugaswami Receives Acharya Diksha

On this auspicious day, yet another spiritual moment was celebrated. Bodhinatha gave acharya diksha to Sannyasin Arumugaswami. Gurudeva regarded this as a special blessing and responsibility, for his acharyas are given the commission to teach, interpret and nurture into the future of futures the order and its mission.

Swami received a private abhishekam on the banks of the Wailua River, where Bodhinatha and the three acharyas each poured a kumbha of river water over swami to betoken his entrance into acharyahood.

Later, dressed in new robes, Acharya Arumugaswami sat at Bodhinatha’s feet in the Guru Peedam, signed his vow books acknowledge the initiation and recited from Gurudeva’s instructions to his acharyas in the Nandinatha Sutras.

Instructions for Acharyas

My sannyasins who are acharyas are the supreme architects of our sampradaya’s future and the fulfillers of these Nandinatha Sutras. They carry this responsibility on top of their head. Yea, they are chosen ones. Aum.

My sannyasins who are acharyas realize that they are not beyond the laws of the land, but must work within them, even to the point of apologizing should misconduct occur on the part of Saiva Siddhanta Church. Aum.

My sannyasins who are acharyas nurture each devotee equally. They never make others their servants, order them about, shout at them, snap their fingers, clap their hands, nor strike or demean them at any time. Aum.

My sannyasins who are acharyas, filled with love and helpfulness, promote joy and harmony among the congregation. They never anger, incite fear or take advantage of a person’s health, wealth or well-being. Aum.

New Sadhaka Get Earrings

As his first duty, Acharya Arumugaswami places new earrings into the ears of our three youngest monks, Sadhaka Tandavanatha, Sadhaka Rajanatha, and Sadhaka Nandinatha.

Darshan with Bodhinatha

Our Guru Purnima pilgrims Mrunal, Padmaja and Pooja Patel had darshan with Bodhinatha. Pooja took the brahmacharya vrata.

Then more discussions about how the future generations will stay interested in Hinduism

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