Bodhinatha on his way to Germany

Bodhinatha is in transit today on his way to Dusseldorf, Germany via London Heathrow airport.

Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary Blessing

Dasan and Shakti Mahadevan, devotees of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, are here celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. They received a special archana during the morning puja in the Kadavul Temple where their marriage was blessed. Paramacharya Ceyonswami then presented them with a beautiful shawl. Congratulations Dasan and Shakti!

Scribd: Where the Future Will Find Gurudeva's Teachings

OK, so you, like most everyone else, have never heard of Scribd. Back in the day, we remember explaining to visitors the magic of a little search engine we found useful--Google. Well, Scribd is to printed publications what Google is to search and YouTube is to video, a rapidly growing, free place for anyone and everyone to share their writings--poems, user manuals, vintage novels, scientific papers, government documents, useless scribblings and precious masterpieces. The monks discovered Scribd about three months back, and have been working since to get Gurudeva's teachings on this important site, as tens of millions of people are discovering it, visiting it and downloading publications from it. This month a push was made to get Hinduism Today on Scribd, and that's just what happened. If you visit you will find dozens of issues of the world's most valued Hindu magazine online, for free. Soon every back issue will be there, and it's all searchable! Thousands of readers have already discovered us here, and we have just begun. The monks plan to have virtually our entire library of teachings here. They thought, for a while, that Google Book Search would be the place, but that model proved too illegible and cumbersome. Scribd is the Google Book Search of the future.

Spiritual Park – Mauritius, August 09 Ganesha Homa

Rajen Manick sends photos and a report from our Spiritual park in Mauritius, a few hundred miles off the coast of South Africa. Pancha Mukha Ganapati decked with garlands and hundreds of flowers for the August Homa. Thousands of devotees attended the ceremony with love and devotion in their hearts.

Each month there are numerous newcomers discovering the spiritual atmosphere of the Park for the first time. Word is out that this is a special and mystical place where serious sadhana is possible.

The bhajans are led by sishyas Nanda and Sarada who sing with such loving devotion in their hearts.

Devotees coming down from the Ganesha Bridge. which is the entrance to the main mandapam where pujas are held.

Others going down the river to fill their brass pots with water. That's the Indian Ocean on the horizon.

Each pours the river water on the Sivalingum.

Many offer flowers and fruits.

A little crowd gathers at the small Pancha Ganapati shrine.

Offerings to Lord Ganapati…

How beautifully the devotees have dressed Him today!

The tents provide shelter from the summer heat and the winter rains.

As usual, thousands of written prayers are brought by devotees to be burned in the holy flames.

Everything is conducted under the guidance of the Guru…

This lady gave a testimony about how Lord Ganesha helped her son out of a very difficult situation with his plans to study in Australia.

Kulapati Mardemootoo read one of Bodhinatha's talk on Temple worship.

A happy mother from abroad inside the Ganesha Mandapam with her two sons.

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