Bodhinatha Arrives in Malaysia

Our devotees in Malaysia write:
Satguru Bodhinatha’s and Shanmuganathaaswami have arrived in Malaysia at 11.03am gracefully.
Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathswami are waiting for the aerotrain with cheerful smile. Welcome Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Shanmuganathaswami to Malaysia!

Shanmuganathaswami is ready with the luggage to go.

Bodhinatha seating calmly at the side while Shanmuganathaswami gets the luggage.

Our driver has arrived.

A gleaming smile from our Satguru before leaving the airport.

Here starts the wonderful spiritual journey in the Malaysia with our beloved Satguru
Aum Sivaya

Thilagarani Selvaraj

Bodhinatha's Tirukural Presentation

Here are some highlights from the major presentation Bodhinatha is making in Singapore and Malaysia on the Tirukural.

The Ganapati Kulam worked on the design and slides for the presentation before he left.

It tells us how we can use the ethical scripture Tirukural in our practical lives. We know the Singaporeans and Malaysians will love it.

Japanese Maple Tree

Palaniswami got a call from a local man today. He is leaving the island and has a Japanese maple Tree in a 12-gallon pot that he can’t take with him.

Go on. Would the monastery accept it as a gift, to add to your collection of amazing plants.

Hmmm. Let us think. Ok, enough thinking, yes, we would be honored to give this botanical gem a home. Of course, it does not look like this today, but one day it will, and pilgrims will have one more oh and one more ah!

The Shakti Power of the Home

Is your wife unhappy?

Today we share a short teaching from Gurudeva, who would always tell a new husband he should take responsibility for his wife’s happiness by fulfilling all her needs and, indeed, all of her wants. Some thought that could be an expensive proposition, but Gurudeva would assure them that the wife would never ask for more than he could provide, for she too knows the family limits, and, he would add, her happiness will make you happy. He speaks here of that ideal.

In the home, the mother is likened to the Shakti Deity. She is the power,
the very soul of the home. None other. So she has to be there. She has
to be treated sensitively and kindly, and with respect. She has to be
given all the things she needs and everything she wants so she will release
her shakti power to support her husband, so that he is successful in all his
manly endeavors.

When she is hurt, depressed, frustrated or disappointed,
she automatically withdraws that power, compromising his success in the
outside world along with it. People will draw away from him. His job,
business or creative abilities will suffer. This is her great siddhi, her inborn
power, which Hindu women know so well.

It is the manis duty, his purusha dharma, to provide for her and for the
children. The husband should provide her with all the fine things, with a
good house which she then makes into a home, with adornments, gold and
jewels and clothes, gold hanging down until her ears hurt, more bracelets,
more things to keep her in the home so she is feeling secure and happy.
In return she provides a refuge, a serene corner of the world where he
can escape from the pressures of daily life, where he can regain his inner
perspective, perform his religious sadhana and meditations, then enjoy
his family. Thus, she brings happiness and peace of mind to her family, to
the community and to the world.

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