Bodhinatha — Tuesday in Malaysia

Bodhinatha reports on his day, Tuesday in Malaysia saying he visited Sivajnani Nagappan and his friend Arvindraj’s Teaching Centre for religious classes in the morning. There he talked with Dr. Bala Tharmalingam, second in command of the Malaysian Hindu Sangam after the recently Sangam elections brought in new leadership. Dr. Tharmalingam is hopeful for new collaborations with Hinduism Today and other Hindu organizations in American and UK.

In the evening he met for several hours with many groups of members and devotees for darshan.

Monks In Honolulu Participate in Community Development

Paramacharya Palaniswami and Acharya Arumugaswami participated in a meeting at State Sen. Gary Hooser’s office in Honolulu at the Capital Building yesterday regarding the large parcel of State land across the river from the monastery. This 6,500 acre section of agricultural land has been allocated among 13 parcel holders since it was abandoned by the sugar industry in 2000. Today’s meeting finalized aspects of that allocation which had been long pending, in particular assuring that 68 acres of the land will go to a papaya farmer education project being conducted from the Kauai Farm Bureau in conjunction with the University of Hawaii. From left to right: Palaniswami; Arumugaswami; Roy Oyama, president, Kauai Farm Bureau; Sen. Hooser; Laura Thielen, Chairperson, Department of Land and Natural Resources; Sandy Kunimoto, Chairperson, Department of Agriculture; Alfredo Lee, Executive Director, Agribusiness Development Corporation; Dr. Terry Sekioka, Kauai Count Administrator, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii; and Jerry Ornellas, president, East Kauai Water Users Cooperative.

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Bodhinatha In Singapore – Tirukural: Its Relevance To Modern Day Life

Tirukural: Its relevance to modern day life – A talk by HH Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami at Sri Sivan Temple, Geylang East, Singapore on 12th September,2009 at 4.00pm. The seminar was organised by The Hindu Centre, Singapore. We had yet another excellent seminar after Hindu Tools for Success in April,2009. Hindu Centre, Singapore secretary welcomed everyone and introduced Bodhinatha.

An excellent seminar with Bodhinatha. Truely amazing how Satguru delivers them in a simple but highly effective way. All of us found the seminar a great eye opener on Thirukkural. Reading the book is one thing but listening and grasping the meanings as well getting a clear understanding from an enlightened soul is another. Therefore, we had a soul satisfying feast of wonderful " Tirukural prasadam", right from a living Guru !!

We had a sizeable participants. They truely enjoyed Bodhinatha's elobrations on Tirukural in details. His Holiness gave a joyful yet constructive understanding on how to apply Weaver's Wisdom author,Saint Tiruvalluvar's holy couplets in our modern day life.A remarkable reintroducing and placing due regards as well as respect to this great universal "nool".

Each participant gets a Weaver's Wisdom book.(Ancient Precepts for a Perfect Life by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami)

Bodhinatha was full of energy, excellent key point stressing, kept everyone in stichcess, bright, cheerful mood and at the same time presented Tirukural's relevance with powerful insights and how we can apply them in our daily life effectively.

A section of seminar participants getting Weaver's Wisdom book. A rare opportunity indeed.

Interval with simple but delicious snack meal being served.

Bodhinatha awaits and lovingly blessed everyone!

Nice to meet Shanmuganathaswami again in this part region.

Hindu Centre President, Mr Gurunathan thanked Bodhinatha and seminar participants.He was amazed and got to know the immense value of sage Tiruvalluvar's lofty wisdom verses which are more than 2,000 years old!!

Participants took opportunity to receive blessings from Bodhinatha.

His Holiness taking a leave after ending his wonderful seminar presentation.

Everyone bade farewell to Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami.Jai Kailasa Parampara for another excellent seminar in Singapore. The next destination, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia more wonderful events to come.

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