Bodhinatha In Malaysia

Bodhinatha had a free day in Malaysia. He and Shanmuganathaswami met with some freight forwarders who will handle shipments of publications printed in Malaysia to Mauritius, USA and other distribution centers. In the evening he had darshan with some members.

Ganesha Homa September 09- Mauritius Spiritual Park

The presiding Deity in the Spiritual Park is the eight-foot-tall granite Panchamukha Ganapati. This majestic five-faced, ten-armed Ganapati looks over azure blue seas facing India--a towering reminder of the original home of the nation's Hindus and of the importance of harmony in life.

The September Ganesha Homa is as usual a great encounter for thousands, with Lord Ganesha at the Park.

Singing devotional songs to build up the spiritual vibration.

At 9.00 AM a large crowd is already at the Park.

The ceremony starts with a an arati to Lord Ganapati.

Our ladies handling flowers brought by devotees.

Whether seated or standing devotion is high everywhere.

The monthly public talk from Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's teachings.

The teachings are spiritual food for the devotees who listen attentively.

It is tradition for many devotees to bring a lighted clay lamp with their offerings. Hundreds of these small lamps are placed near the Pancha Mukha Ganapati shrine.

Inside the shrine….

This what you see when standing at the Ganapati shrine and looking at the Mandapam.

Himalayan Academy sales booth is another busy spot.

Devotees seated in the shade along the gravel path leading to the Mandapam…

Sanjeeva (left) was one of those first young men to be on Task Force for several months at the Spiritual Park when it was created in 1986. Now Sanjeeva is settled in California, USA. He and his family are very impressed by the recent infra-structural developments at the Park.

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