Bodhinatha's Annual Seminar in Kuala Lumpur – Hindu Tools for Success (Pt.1)

The much anticipated and eagerly awaited seminar – Hindu Tools For Success by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami has materialized. The event was held at Kala Mandapam, Scott Road, Kandaswamy Temple, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur on 19th September, 2009. Now, we bring forward to you 3 parts series of some exciting happenings before and during the seminar.

Banners with stands promoting Iraivan Temple and What is Hinduism? book

Sister Vasantha, a graphic designer, created these simple and eye catching banners. Thank you sister for these wonderful banners!!

Youths helping out making a Koolam!!

Kulamatha Lalitha and family members preparing Rudraksha booth.

Video presentation at another corner promoting Iraivan and Aadheenam.

Kulapathi Dhasan and daughter preparing scripts.

Nitya Shankaran helps out decorating the main stage.

Gurudeva on the stage – a lovely decoration.

Meanwhile, Iraivan’s Floor Stone Fund Raising Team booth had their first direct sponsor. Madhu is explaining and helping a seminar participant.

Hiranya, Kulapathi Balu Devado’s son is now already busy handling partcipants at his booth,Minimela Malaysia.

Attractive fund raising items such a phampltes, key chains, handicrafts, books Gurudeva’s figurine, sacred plants were on display for sales. Participants and devotees joyously purchased for their home. They’d an overwhelming support!!

Seminar participants and church family members waiting for Bodhinatha’s arrival.

It was raining heavily in Kuala Lumpur for the past few days. However, as soon as Bodhinatha set His Holiness feet at Kalamandapam, the rain stopped, clouds cleared and we’re getting very excited. We knew today would be a great evening with His presence.

Bodhinatha was given pada puja and then HH gently stepped into to Kalamandapam.

Tour Day

Reservations were booked solid for the public tour today. We thought visitor count would wane in September but it seems interest in Kauai’s Hindu Monastery is becoming a priority for visitors to the island. This is Bokka and Renuka Reddy from Fremont California. Originally from Hyberabad, South India.

Sometimes you forget to “look up” when walking through the Aadheenam property. High in a tree overhead are these huge beautiful orchids.

When we finally arrive at the stone carving demonstration guests find it almost unbelievable as they stand before Iraivan and realize that the entire temple was created from this simple hammer and chisel combination.

The ease and effortless work of Kandan as he moves from the larger chisels to the finer and finer movements makes obvious a sensitivity to stone that is truly extraordinary.

Today, among the 70 or so visitors we had a special group of 20 volunteers who joined the public tour from the National Tropical Botanical Garden. Each year the garden does something special for them, and this year it was a morning at the monastery. Their love and service to plants and trees on the island brought a rare treat for our guests, with the appearance of Paramacharya Palaniswami.

Always giving blessings and gifts, he had brought some seeds of a beautiful and intoxicatingly fragrant tree “Mimusops elengi,” also known as the Bullet Tree, or Bakula in Sanskrit. Several guests were from the big island and were delighted to expand their own plant collections with the addition of this special gem that is not known much in Hawaii. Palaniswami had recently brought in 1,000 seeds from India.

Paramacharya Palaniswami with the National Tropical Botanical Garden volunteers. “Na Lima Kokua”

Nani Ka’ua pond and waterfall

At the conclusion of the tour many guests visit Kadavul Temple to feel the power and purity of a monastic staffed Siva Temple.

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