Annual Ayudha Puja Day

Today was the annual Ayudha Puja day when the silpis bless all their tools. Here they are with Bodhinatha after all ceremonies were completed.

It is traditional to bless your vehicle too. Here the mission critical helper, our forklift and a small pressure washer are blessed.

Monks are gathered and admiring the Iraivan Temple main entrance which stands unveiled with scaffolding removed.

Here the first stone of the Nandi mandapam is presented to be chipped on this auspicious day.

The shrine is beautifully decorated with Gurudeva’s picture and that of Goddess Sarasvati who is invoked to bless all the tools

A few minutes earlier, we all gathered as the patrai (black smith forge) to light the fire and this was brought over to the temple and then Bodhinatha performs arati.

Next the silpis mark the stone and each in turn chip away at this, the first of the Nandi mandapam stones.

Next we officially open the entrance of Iraivan…

Bodhinatha breaks a coconut and walks through.

Afterwards, the traditional gifts are made to the silpis.

Bodhinatha's Annual Seminar in Kuala Lumpur – Hindu Tool For Success (Pt 3)

When the Satguru is in town, every member of the Saiva Siddhanta Church of Malaysia Mission rush and grab the opportunity to serve their Satguru in all the ways they can. One of its kind is the fund raising for Iraivan Temple’s Floor sponsorship. Gurudeva figurine

Gurudeva was beautifully decorated with color lights!

Kulamata Balaceyon and team made “Muruka” cookies and sold to raise fund for Iraivan.

Our mission members sang beautiful bhajans, thevarams and Natchinthanai songs.

At interval, Astro Vanavil, Malaysia’s premier satellite television network with millions of viewers in Malaysia interviewed Dr Dharma.

Darshan and blessing from Satguru.

Rishipathi Appasamy Kuppusamy too were interviewed by Astro Vanavil.

Kulamatha, Mrs Selladurai, sister Barathy and Selvavathy were all supportive and had an overwhelming devotees attending their booth.

Arvind had this to say on the event, “They were very attentive and had some very good questions posed to Bodhinatha during question time. One question relating to managing karma was how to ‘burn’ bad karma. Bodhinatha pointed that this practice was an advanced practice meant for yoga adepts. A more practical approach would be to do penance under the guidance of a Guru. One Chinese gentleman was even taking down notes on his laptop! So that gives an idea how good the talk was. It was practical and useful.”

Participants moved in single line to receive darshan from Bodhinatha.

Meanwhile Kulapati and Kulamata Darshan and family set up a rudraksha booth with life plant and fruit of the rudraksha seed. Many devotees were so impressed with the blue berry seed.

Shanmuganathaswami visits Malaysia’s Minimela booth.

Delicious light meal were served at the end of seminar.

Bodhinatha leaving Kalamandapam. We had a wonderful seminar. Kodi nandri( a million thank you’s) to Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and devotees who made the event a great success. Jai Kailasa Parampara!

Astro Vanavil’s channel broadcast crew members interviewing and recording Bodhinatha for their “360 Degree” documentary slotted to be aired soon.

Bodhinatha leaving Kalamandapam. We had a wonderful seminar. Kodi nandri( million thank you) to HH Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and devotees who make the event a great success. Jai Kailasa Parampara!!

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