New Phase Begins – High Thoughts

Bodhinatha’s talk today was a commentary on Merging with Siva, Unqualified Surrender and the internalization of worship.

Yogaswami sang:


Essence of wisdom and love art Anma.
Vain art deluding charms of weal and woe!
How can these defile your nature?
Can a mirage dissolve the solid ground?
The gracious Feet of the illumined Guru,
Praise with yearning love to thy utmost.
Recall not the chain of past events.
Invoke His grace with ardent zeal.
Like the surge of water from a sluice,
In continual fervour poised in Oneness,
Enjoy in samadhi the nectar of sweet felicity,
Freed from the tension of ends and means.
Thus do thou realise the goal of Mukti (attainment).

--Natchintanai. 10.

Yogi Jivananda performs our homa to start the new phase.

Yogaswami sang:

“You and I, He and It,
Fire and water, air and ether,
Corporeal and ethereal beings and all
In dissolution become one with Him.”

--Natchintanai. 216.

Arise early and praise his lustrous Feet.
Worship Him and don the holy ash.
Chant the Letters Five ceaselessly.
Weep and yearn for his Grace.
Honour thy father and mother.
Cherish all beings as you cherish yourself.
Be as expansive as the sky.
Foster the good virtues with zeal;
And do thy duty, do it well.
Let the body act in unison with the mind;
Know thyself and become ThySelf.
A balanced life do thou espouse,
Not perturbed by the tide of ebb and flow.
Sing in praise and chant His Name
For ever with translucent clarity.
Seek not fleeting joys and gains.
Be a mother in abundance of Love, and repose
In the quiescence of speechless felicity.
Thus live for e’er in blissful serenity.

--Natchintanai. 8.

Agni dancing in the homa kunda…

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