Pilgrims from Alaska and Colorado

Manickam Ganesan and his wife Sundari (right) are from Anchorage, Alaska. They have been here before. This year they came on a pilgrimage which is also a family re-union with there two daughters who live in Boston. It has been seven years since they were altogether on a trip like this. Meena (in blue) is a budding journalist and has offered to help edit articles for Hindu Press International. Nelly (in green) is in the public health care sector, helping to assess needs and get health care to people who need it in Massachusetts. They visited with each of the monks in the Ganapati Kulam today.

Paban, Sagarika and Anoushka Sarma came from Fort Collins, Colorado to Kauai for their first time just to see Iraivan Temple on the advice from their friend. He told them, “You must go to see this Temple”. He knew about it from finding it on the internet, but had not yet been here. They were so happy he did!

When Anoushka was asked, “What was your most favorite of everything your have seen?” Her answer, “Iraivan Temple”. Thank you all and come back again soon.

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  1. jayant dagore says:

    Hi Meena,good to see your support by all the way coming from Boston.Wondering what type of articles do you write as a journalist for HINDU PRESS INTERNATIONAL,please let me know.I have given you my email address and my mobile phone number is 0401968412 Melbourne,australia.

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