The Monks and the Mountain

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  • [slidepress gallery=’2010-01-01-blue-hole’]

    The monks of Kauai Aadheenam started 2010 in a hike to the base of the mountain. You can also see the video here (requires Quicktime)

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    1. Swami TantraG says:

      Om siva,

      Looks like you had a great hike, a good photographic and video opportunity on this trip. Next time we come to the Island we would love to have someone take us on this hike to these sacred spiritual landscapes.

    2. Rajita says:

      Aum siva
      thank you for sharing your magnificent journey.

    3. Nalini says:

      Aum Sivaya
      Absolutely amazing!! wonderful journey!
      Thank you for sharing these rare glimpses of Lord Sivas perfect Universe.

      Oh and I must say how inspiring all of you are always!

      Love you all!

    4. Bruno Furlan says:

      Om Ganesh Om!

      It feels that i cannot feel more proud of the ones in that monastery, their light and beauty warm me inside!

      That journey and it´s long and hard steps remind me that my own way isn´t a path of roses but a parth to enlightment and growth.

      For all the ones i leave here my true love, my feelings of the deepest respect and the knowledge that every single step you take is a lesson i carry trough all my life.

      Best wishes and all my love for all of you,

    5. Easan says:

      What an adventure! National Geographic quality photos! Wish Adobe would let me make one my desktop wallpaper.

    6. Sarasvathi says:

      Great achievement!Such serenity on their faces!Great Inner strength. That’s how our monks have developed into.Jai to Gurudeva & Satguru Bodhinathaswami!

      Just viewing ‘The Monks & the Mountain’made me[my naadi & narambugal] strong.
      Thanks for taking us along to see this beautiful mountain.Om Sivaya

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