Guests meet with Bodhinatha

Sri and Padma Mandalaparthy, visiting from Seattle, with their sons and parents. They hosted Gurudeva in their home many years ago. They are devotees of Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami's Vedic Temple.

Thushyanthan Amirthalingam, from Calgary, with his mom Yogaalar and wife Renuka. He's studying Gurudeva's Master Course.

Girish Haran, Girija Yegnanarayanan and sons from Boston. They asked how they could spiritualize their lives and Bodhinatha shared some thoughts from an article he's working on. We can help others in small ways during the course of the day in the workplace or in school. We can perform all work with the aim of reaching God. Rather than thinking of one's occupation as a secular activity we can view what we are doing as an offering to the Lord. All of life is sacred.

Gopal Balasubramanian and Lavonya Tesayi, a young couple from Fremont, CA. They are devotees of Murugan at the temple Gurudeva founded in Concord.

We've known Kumari Devi Sivam since she was a little girl. Here she is with her husband, Ravindraraj Ramaraju. They've brought baby Bhuma Vilasini from their home in Austin for her first visit to Kadavul Temple.

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