Sri Lanka's Swami Chitrupananda receives a gift from Sat Guru Bodhinatha

It takes time for events in Sri Lanka to filter back to the Aadheenam. We bring you a positive note from Jaffna from last year.

Swami Chitrupananda, of the Ramakrishna Saradha Sevashram, visited the Sri Subramuniya Kottam on October 8, 2009. Two kottam children ceremoniously presented a gift to Swami from Sat Guru Bodhinatha.

Father Damien, a friend of Swami, also visited the kottam. Swami Chitrupananda and Father Damien are providing a lot of service to the IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in Jaffna.

Rishimatha Sivalosani Kanagaratnam handed over a supply of infant milk powder to Father Damien to be distributed to the IDPs.

The supply of milk powder is a generous donation from the devotees in Toronto, Canada.

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