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“Does anyone know what “namaste” means?” This is the first question we ask on public tour day to those who gather at the puakinikini mandapam. Kulamata Amala Seyon decided to play a little joke and met with the group a few minutes early and gave them all the answer. When Deva asked the question EVERYONE raised their hand! It was a delightful little ambush and everyone enjoyed the surprised look on Deva’s face!


The introduction in the Banyan Mandapam includes a brief introduction to our Lineage of God Realized Satgurus dating back over 2,000 years.

Even with the holiday season winding down our Public Tour reservations fill up quickly.

Rishi Valley is becoming one of the favorite stops along the tour now. We get a little time to give a brief introduction to our Parampara and the anticipation of the full life like images of our line of Gurus that will soon become part of the valley.

Among several born Hindus on the tour were Krishnan and Usha from Westbury New York. Both Doctors who attend the Mahaganapathi Temple in Flushing, New York.

The Dakshinamurthi shrine speaks of the great silence within, which in this modern time we take such great efforts to avoid, through our constant exposure to radio, ipods, TV, cell phones and other habits.

Usha and Krishnan had seen many guests on “Today at Kauai Aadheenam” bathing the Narmada Lingam and asked if they could fulfill this long awaited desire We took them out to the hidden sanctuary of the Path of the Saiva Saints and they worshipped Siva with water there.

Deepak and Amita Bhalla from Michigan are pictured with new friends Meena, Suppial & Balan from Toronto Canada.

This sweet couple is Saparigiri Sambandan and Gunavatha Amirthalingam who have been on Kauai for about a week coming to the temple often.

A beautiful Rudraksha mala, lovely prepared by our Kauai members.

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  1. toshadevi nataraja says:

    Oh so lovely . I love the colour and background. Thank you for all the painstaking work that goes into turning out such beautiful creations.The prettier my mala the better I do my japa(smile).Its just in my mind but I love the idea.Thank you. Aum shanti

  2. Gayla Reiter says:

    I toured on Jan 8th and purchased a mala that looked very much like this….the green stones though had coloring that made them almost look like little earths. I did pick up a few rudraska from the ground and brought them home. A friend’s husband died unexpectedly a few days ago and she asked me to do an energy clearing in her home as he died at home and had been very depressed. At the culmination of the energy clearing, I presented her with a shell lei, the rudruska, a special crystal, a large candle for affirmations and prayers and some incense. She was especially fascinated with the story of the Hindu monastery, the mammoth crystal, the intense healing energy of the space you have created as well as the description of the new temple. I wore the mala I purchased at your store while doing the clearing with her. Namaste,

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