Vayudeva Varadana Sivathondu

Vayudeva Varadan just finished six days of pilgrimage at the monastery. During his stay he worked on writing some short summaries to display with the books in the Mini Mela. He completed 48 summaries for books and booklets.

The Loving Ganesha summary:

“If you open this book, you will always want it with you. The book opens doors to Lord Ganesha who waits patiently to help you with every problem, every wish, big or small, inner or outer.

“Loving Ganesha is a resource you can use to learn, teach, or remember blessings, songs, prayers, festivals — even a Ganesha Puja. Loving Ganesha explains all things Ganesha in simple, touching, yet authoritative prose along with engaging illustrations.”

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  1. Sheela says:

    Such a sweet summary, Vayudeva! Thanks for sharing. Aum AUM

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