Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-02-07

The Q&A at Bodhinatha’s “Hindu, Science and Ethics” presentation at the HSC camp today was engaging. #

Bodhinatha and Senthilnathaswami attended group discussions, gave closing comments: “Thought, Action & Karma” + “Religion & Spirituality” #

We managed to put on enough clothes to go outside for a morning walk. Late-night Bollywood dancing kept the HSC group up; nobody was around. #

The HSC retreat ended with Bodhinatha giving each participant a copy of Weaver’s Wisdom (Tirukural). Off to Dallas/Fort Worth, 2-hr drive. #

The lake at Fort Parker last night (video) #

Open road big sky gas food lodging trucks flat cold plains ranches small towns: Texas #

Arrived Dallas. Feeding our gas guzzler before we return it and go with the Midland Patels to Fort Worth #

Bodhinatha had lunch with the Patel family at a vegan restaurant in Dallas followed by great conversation. Now to Fort Worth. #

2 trustees of upcoming Fort Worth temple met with Bodhinatha to seek advice on how to lay out there temple to best serve the community here #

Beautiful birthday dinner at a gourmet modern Mexican grill in Dallas. Happy Birthday, Padmaja! #

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