No Responses to “Namaste”

  1. Nigel S. Siva says:

    Ganapati Thunai.
    I have noticed without failing that whenever I opened TAKA, the “Gurudeva’s Quotation” that appeared there had been the most appropriate lesson that I needed for the state of mind where I was at that time. This is what I got just now: “On this path, you don’t have to be a great rishi or a highly trained yogi. You don’t have to be a great philosopher. You don’t have to know Sanskrit. Just love God, which is the Life of the life within everyone.” Sometime ago Satguru Bodhinatha gave me the sadhana: “See everyone as Siva, and see Siva everywhere, in and through everything.” So, sitting in the Metro-train during my daily commute to work, I look around and visualize the fellow passengers as Siva, and it is a wonderful feeling doing that. This “Namaste” YouTube video actually brought tears in my eyes, for this relates to my own experience—seeing Siva in everyone and everywhere. I am so lucky to see Yogaswami when I was a little boy in Jaffna (Sri Lanka), and then Gurudeva and finally Satguru Bodhinatha; without Them, I wouldn’t have experienced Siva even though He is the Life of my life and within me all the time; I wouldn’t have even known this fact either! THANK YOU.

  2. Skanda says:

    So tender & sweet is this expression of love for others as oneself. We should carry warm blankets as gifts for those who need them. We should see the divine in all. Love abounds in all. To see those deprived as are mother or brother & react as that in love. Our Sanatana Dharma entreats us to action always. So sweet are the children, the bees, flowers, the ether . . .

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