Tour Day March 3rd, 2010

The weekly tour continues to draw local guests as well as visitors to the beautiful Garden Island. All feel the serenity and remark about the healing of their spirit after visiting the gardens.

Guests gather to learn about the beliefs of Hinduism. Guests questions are always welcomed as they offer the host an opportunity to share insights that are of interest to entire group.

One guest remarked that everything is blooming, everywhere she looked there were flowers. Here is an unusually flowering plant over looking Nani Kaua falls

This tree is in full bloom.

The Green Jade vine is in full bloom with many blossoms covering it's host tree.

Guests listen attentively as Kulapati Deva Seyon shares the concepts of karma, dharma ahimsa, reincarnation and no intrinsic evil.

Guest enjoy the view of Rishi Valley with Iraivan Temple in the distance. Many guests ask when will the temple be completed. The answer is that the Iraivan Temple is built by the love offerings that visitors are inspired to give. The projected completion date is the year 2017.

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