Keep Your Loved Ones Close During Final Moments

Gurudeva always advocated that his members nurture their elders at home and not turn them out to nursing homes or leave them to die in hospitals.

Here is a remarkable, true story about one of the loved ones, a member of the family of Kulapati Easan Katir. Santosha was almost 100 in dog years and had had a wonderful life. This story happened two days ago.

Easan writes:

“Santosha wasn’t eating, so Raja took him to a clinic on Friday, the day you sent the keynote. The vet diagnosed kidney failure, and treated him during the weekend. Santosha’s kidneys didn’t respond, and the vet said there was nothing more they could do and suggested euthanasia. Sundari and I objected, as he looked so sad in the clinic cage with all the tubes hooked up to him. He should at least have a chance to die at home. We decided to bring him home. He was very happy to come home and be with all the family for his final three days. He went for little walks, drank lots of water, and was content. We played music for him.

“He was at the Sivamani’s house (Raja’s mother ) the last day, and Venita relates this series of events:

“In the middle of the night Santosha went to the shrine room and lay very still for a long time prostrating right in front of the altar. Then about 4:30 am he went to the bedroom and brought Venita to the shrine room. Next he went back and brought Raja. Then he brought Rama. He went to Raja’s mother’s bedroom and brought her. When all were assembled he did pradakshina (walking) around the assembled group three times. Then he slowly did pradakshina around Venita.three times. He looked very purposeful, he was moving slowly. He seemed to be saying “thank you, goodbye, namaste”. Then he left the shrine room and went to a quiet corner. Later in the morning, with three big exhalations, he departed.

“Santosha was alway a cheerful, loyal friend, always forgiving and living in the moment. We will miss him.”

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  1. Sheela says:

    THAT was unbearably s-w-e-e-t! Thank you for sharing! Here’s wishing Santosha happy times and thanking him for his message of sweet surrender … Aum AUM

  2. vinaya alahan says:

    Aum aum aum This dog’s passing was much better than many human transitions. To me it demonstrates very clearly that ALL come from Siva and return to him. And some Christians claim that animals have no souls. (one justification for killing animals and eating their meat)

  3. Amma Debora says:

    It´s actually easy to love animals – specially dogs – when you´re able to feel how dedicated they are. Question is: can WE be as dedicated and compassionate to them as they are to us? This touching story shows some fortunate people can. Blessed be, the people who can love animals in return of their total dedication. And thanks for sharing such a loving story.

  4. Eassan says:

    Nice story! Enjoyed it happened to those who lived the joyful moments! Even those who grasped the lovely moment without even living it physically. Many thanks to his holiness, Kulapati Easan Katir, who narrated the story with passionate spirit. Look at Santosha now. He, not ‘It’, lived with a free spirit almost much of his life. If we humans, no different from animal in the ‘flesh-and-bone’ perspective, try to live in that spirit, we would experience life as a real spiritual oppotunity. The holy dog, Santosha seems to have lived with joy and serenity within almost every moment He had, and enjoyed the Holy family’s spirit of kindness, positive-mindedness and devotion.
    Man, in his actual era of rush, needs to heed to the words of the Guru who almost sparked his spirit. Enjoy without fear when the Guru is aside, within or without, as the Spirit of Divine Humble Greatness within You never dies. Santosha lived the spirit of Santosha well! :-)Aum

  5. Nalini says:

    How absolutely divine.. My eyes are watering. How beautiful that this sweet animal was so intuitive and sensitive and full of love.
    How blessed to have had such a doggie :o)
    Thank you for sharing this remarkable story.

    Rest in your peacful place sweet santosha.
    aum namah sivaya

  6. Douwe says:

    Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Santosha.

  7. Dhanika Nagalingam says:

    Aum Namashivaya,

    This is a beautiful story about Santhosa, who just now gave me the feeling that his name means( joy ). Aum Shanti.

  8. Suriyakumar says:

    Thank you sharing….
    A wonderful story…very touching indeed!
    He is in a happy place now!
    Aum Shanthi!

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