Bodhinatha Visits Singapore

Bodhinatha, Arumugaswami and Sadhaka Nandinatha are on their way to Rishikesh. meanwhile we have more coverage of their transit through Singapore and also more news from Mauritius.

Our stay at the Changi INternational Airport's Crowne Plaza Hotel was enjoyable, partly so because of their state of the art kitchen and trendy dining facility.

We met with Kulapatis Dohadeva and Bhani in the lobby.

Sharing thoughts with Bodhinatha


Later we ventured to the Singapore's world-famous national botanical gardens. Here we see an employee tending to water lillies.

Our Singaporean kulapatis really enjoyed taking Bodhinatha around the grouds here. The level of care and expertise is tremendous.


This marvelous place is a much appreciated oasis with Singapore -- a bustling, high-powered modern area.

This part of morning was particularly enjoyed by Bodhinatha -- the National Orchid Garden which resides within the botanical garden. Here he is with Sadhaka Nandinatha.

Aside from possessing a stunning collection of any plant you can imagine, we came across a series of lovely fountains and sculptures. This particular piece incorporates both -- a two-tiered fountain with (they may be hard to spot) a couple of bronze cranes therein. The crane is a national symbol of Singapore.


Despite the high heat and even higher humidity, smiles were everywhere.

A group photo: Sivakumar, Dohadeva, Bodhinatha, Arumugaswami, and Bhani.

We were impressed by the abundance of large, old trees in the gardens.



The gardens have been functioning as such for over 100 years, giving these giants of nature plently of time to grow in a protected environment.

Arumugaswami was lucky enough to be able to meet with our team from Sampoorna Printers based in Malaysia. The nature of the visit was to discuss a current project of Himalayan Academy to produce a series of stories for children entitled, "Modern Hindu Children's Stories." Based on the 10 yamas and 10 niyamas, the stories, though not limited to them, the series of stories elucidates in clear speech the ways in which children can learn Hinduism's knowledge on leading a dharmic life. Selvam (centre) is our project manager at Sampoorna and we're happy to say we've had the delight of working with him for the past several years. Accompanying him was Subramaniam (right), a cheif designer for the company. Our first meeting with him proved enlightening. Subramaniam is highly gifted within his field and provided various samples for cover artwork, layout, design, color coordination, etc.

It was a fruitful and enjoyable meeting.

Our ladies sang our Siva Yogaswami's Natchintanai with such eloquence and devotion.

This evening, Sivakumar and Bhani perform pada puja to Bodhinatha. Sivakumar's conviction when incanting the mantras was felt by all.



Following the pada puja, and with interest, our attendees listen to Bodhinatha's upadesa.

Bodhinatha spoke on the nature of a sadhana-based life amidst a modern, busy one. A flagship concept of Bodhinatha's teaching is maintaining harmony and consistency within one's life, with sadhana at it's core.

A small group photo with community elders.

Devotees eagerly awaiting their Master Course Trilogy books to be signed by Bodhinatha.

With books signed and imparted with words from the satguru, devotees depart the satsang with rejuvenated gusto and emboldened goals for their personal spiritual lives.

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