Bodhinatha in India

Bodhinatha is in transit to Chennai. It is Friday in India. On the way through Delhi they had time to get on line. Bodhinatha sends these snippets on events:

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Mar 22nd Mon

This morning got off to a brisk start with a dip in the Ganges at the ghat in front of Parmath Niketan. It was cold but manageable and had a purifying sense to it. We had some ten Rishi Kumars (Boys in the school) accompany us along with two men to assist and perform a chant first.

Then we had a meeting with Muniji to discuss future collaboration on various projects.

6 PM evening arati on Ganges, this time with a medium length Siva lingam puja on a platform overlooking the Ganges with a large statue of Siva on it. It is the one you see in many of the photos from Parmath Niketan.

Mar 23 Tue

7 am Arumugaswami and Nandinatha took a second dip in the Ganges. After breakfast, we drove to Haridwar. Our first stop was the Gorakshanath monastery/temple in downtown Haridwar. We have a talk with one of the senior swamis about the Natha sampradaya and visited their temple. In particular a lingam shrine in the corner had a powerful vibration.

Next was a visit to the three stores of our Minimela supplier Anil. Good quality items in all the stores.

Then we went to the Ashram of Swami Avdeshananda and arrived at a good time so that we were able to talk to him when he was free and plan the rest of our day which was lunch (with him), and attending the final thirty minutes of his three hour televised katha on Ramayana.

After dinner, Avdeshananda gave us a tour of the inside of the ashram (nonpublic part)

Mar 24 Wed

The day began with a dip in the Ganges at the main bathing ghat in Haridwar. Next we had a
tour of the shrines including the Mrutunjaya Mahadev Lingam Shrine where we participated in abhishekam.

Then we gave a small dish of prasadam and twenty rupees dakshina to a few hundred sadhus. This is a daily practice of the mutt which gives to some twenty groups a day totaling over 1,500 sadhus daily. Next we attended the morning satsang period. Avdeshananda was at a opening nearby of a new building of Swami Ram Dev so the main talk was given by Swami Muditvadanananda plus they let us speak for some thirty minutes including Rajiv’s translation on our Hawaii monastery activities.

Evening we again attended the last thirty minutes of Avdeshananda’s Ramayana Katha but this time he had us give a short talk. We used the one we had given at the Mauritius Spiritual Park on Happiness and Rajiv translated. In the evening we visited the Juna Akhara kumbhamela camp which houses the largest number of sadhus of any akhara.

Thursday the 25th (Wednesday in the US)

We flew from Dehradun to Delhi and check into Le Meridien Hotel. In the evening we saw Motilal Banarsidas and a gold plating firm based in Chennai who might plate the pancha brahma bronze murtis.


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