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An adventurous group of souls for yesterday’s public tour. Two deafening downpours were not enough to send these guests packing. They stuck it out and found he truth of the statement: “If you don’t like the weather on Kauai, wait a few minutes!”

Circumambulating the temple brings a stunning variety of the masterful arts incorporated in Iraivan. As one guest kept saying “overwhelming!”

In addition to the carving demonstration the guests can now walk up on the foundation and actually stand next to a silpi who is working on the temple.

During the time we share some of the major beliefs of Hinduism, guests inevitably ask a variety of questions. In this case the guest is asking: ” Do Hindus worship stone idols? ” Fortunately Gurudeva left no stone unturned in providing answers to stem the proliferation of misunderstandings relating to Hinduism!

The man in the chocolate brown shirt on the right is Koa Kahili, a Cacao farmer and Chocolate maker and the main distributor on the Island of Kauai from the North Shore. He was very interested in connecting with Palaniswami as he wanted to make some suggestions for our Cacao plants.

After viewing the incredible effort to bring this temple up in America some of our guests are inspired to help, to give and become inexorably linked to this masterpiece of the spirit.

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  1. Esan says:

    Big crowd !

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