Bodhinatha Leaves Mauritius-2010 Visit

After a fruitful visit to the island of Mauritius, meeting sishyas and paying courtesy visits to various Hindu religious organisations and Government representatives, Satguru Bodhinatha left the island after a short seven day visit. On the departure day, sishyas met in Mahebourg to say farewell to Bodhinatha.

The residence of Brah Vel Mahalingum served as a meeting point for that occasion.

Brah. Vel performing arati in his home shrine to welcome the Guru.

Brahmachari Vel Receiving the holy ash from the Guru.

Everyone made it a must to be a Mahebourg in the far south of the island to listen to Bodhinatha last message.

Before Bodhinatha's talk sishays happily sung natchintanaii as a one minded group focussed on the greatness of the the SivaGuru.

Somandiren led the group…

In His brief talk Boddhinatha showed appreciation for the warm welcome of Mauritius sishyas during this 2010 visit. Regarding plans for 2011, Bodhinatha says one main activity will be focussed on the children of sishyas who are growing so fast and need to be nurtured, as well as other activities for members and regular Master Course students studying with Bodhinatha.

Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

Sishyas coming forward to Bodhinatha for Blessings.

Kulapati SK Moorghen….

Awaiting for their turn to meet the Satguru for the holy ash and Blessings…

Ananda Mootoocurpen…..

A souvenir shield was presented to Bodhinatha by the Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation.

Goodbye to all, says smilingly Beloved Bodhinatha. … Thank you Bodhinatha. Aum.

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