Yoginathaswami and Sadhaka Rajanatha In India

Vanakkam: This is the last portion of our February/March India trip. Once we returned to the Aadheenam there are so many duties awaiting us that it took a few extra days (ok…a couple of weeks) to write the captions for the images.

Most of these images were taken by Mrs. Ponni Selvanathan--wife of Selvanathan Sthapati.

Yoginathaswami with His Holiness Thavathiru Balamurugan Adimai Swamigal. Swamigal had a vision of Lord Murugan in a small hill temple. He lost his speech and stayed on the since 1968. Check out the history your self here http://ratnagiri.org/

Swamigal is very fond of temple construction himself. One can probably can figure out what kind of discussion going on here.

Tiru Nellaiappan, Selvanathan Sthapati, Sadhaka Rajanatha and Yoginathaswami with Swamigal talking about the gold leafing of Iraivan Temple capstones. He is interested in the technology used.

Sivasri Shanmugam Sivachariyar of Vellore joined us. He came to Kauai in the early 80s and stayed in Kauai Aadheenam to teach the monks the Saiva Parartha puja at he behest of late Sivasri Sambamurthy Sivachariyar.

Very lively discussion is going on here.

This is the small ashram attached to temple that Swamigal built. He actually made this small village to active town with schools, medical centre and business are flourishing due to popularity of the temple.

Swamigal uses the slate to communicate to others. He is well versed in Tamil and English.

He is showing us photo albums of other temple that he was renovating.

Monks are checking out the temple renovation photos.

Swamigal founded this school right next to the temple. Free education here.

Here we are with Sivasri Shanmugam Sivachariyar of Vellore.

We were served with very delicious South Indian banana leave lunch!

We are in one of the classroom.

The school from the entrance.

We are sitting at the schools Biology lab.

It is pretty big school with nice facilities. Well maintained.

We are the Chemistry lab.

Monks are posing at Tiruvalluvar statue at the school.

Another classroom.

There is a office for Swamigal in the school.

Below are few shots of the temple itself. This is one the temple that has a song sung by St. Arunagirinathar--the great Murugan Bhaktar.

H.H. Thavathiru Balamurugan Adimai Swamigal also run a free medical center. All the doctors and volunteers that come render their service for free. He welcomes all doctors to come and help whenever it is possible.

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