Swami Mayatitananda Comments on Hinduism Today

Swami Mayatitananda was another one of our interviewees in Melbourne last December. She has written for Hinduism Today for over a decade and has always admired the magazine. It was truly a joy for us to meet up with her, talk to her about various issues facing Hinduism nowadays, and to hear her thoughts about the magazine. "It is the voice of reason for Hinduism. It's also an intelligent voice that deals with the issues straightforwardly, intelligently. We are so fortunate as a Hindu community, world community, to have Hinduism Today. So many of our Hindu erudite leaders are so busy that they're not able to put pen to paper or collect thought in a cohesive manner. You've covered the issues intelligently, well, in defense of Hinduism, for Hinduism, safeguarding and also explaining Hinduism to those who have a whole lot of ideas that are erroneous about the tradition.

"What you did in terms of the textbooks alone, that whole series you did on the protection of the textbooks in America--why can't Hindu erudite scholars oversee the formation of those manuscripts? Why must it be done by this chap from Harvard, whatever his name was, Witzel, who still lives in the Harappan civilization with some erroneous history? He still thinks that the Aryan civilization are the rishis, and those types of propaganda! Hinduism Today has been incredible as a very rational, reasonable voice backed by the Shastra, backed by Vedic wisdom and quotes and knowledge, to position itself in response to so many erroneous things about Hinduism. We are so fortunate to have Hinduism Today disseminating information--more education than information, I would say--in a really amazing manner."

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    It’s time that the Hindus around the World take a positive stand towards Hinduism. Now we have the net media and the technology to reach out. UNITE

  2. Usha Haywood says:

    – “himsayaam duryateyasca sadaacaarana tat paraa/vedagaupratima sevi saa hindu
    mukhasabdavaak” –

    “he who abhors violence in every form – who always practices harmonious behaviour (ahimsa) – who is a lover of wisdom – who respects all teachers of wisdom – who practices onepointed meditation – such a one may be said to be a hindu.

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