More Tour Day News

Here are Manohar and Bharti Manchandia. They were a joy to have on the tour. They just purchased the Trilogy and had a spontaneous meeting at the Minimela with Bodhinatha asking him to come and bless their land and efforts to build a Hindu Temple on the over 100 acres they own in Louisiana.

Another large group of soulful guests who came to see and touch one of the wonders of the modern world, Iraivan Temple.

The “Emperor of Prussia” is still in full bloom.

Beautiful carpet of Blue Rudraksha fruit is always an amazing site for our guests.

These bright souls are dedicated teachers in the TM organization. Marty Howe far right is Deva Seyon’s cousin. The gentleman in the back row on the right is a professional photographer Marty Hulsebos ,who carried a professional lens about two feet long. He is going to forward to us some of the incredible photos he took.

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