Sun One

We start a new phase as we end the month of April. Bodhinatha gave a marvelous talk today about making decisions, using as his theme Gurudeva’s teachings on that subject from the Master Course Lesson of the day, today.

Morning homa….

iPad Arrives

The monastery’s development iPad arrived at the Ganapati Kulam, a donation from one of our TAKA viewers who wanted to contribute to keeping our publications team on the leading edge of the digital revolution. Senthilnathaswami tests it out in a dock with a keyboard. Marvelous!

In the future you will be seeing our books and other Himalayan Academy applications running on this device.

Hinduism Today July 2010 Issue

The Hinduism Today editorial team wraps up the magazine today. We have a surprise for our members in Mauritius: an article on the evolution of Hinduism in Mauritius written by our own Brahmachari Vel Mahalingam is one of the feature stories and the gatefold or the magazine is a giant photo of homa at our Saiva Siddhanta Church branch there in Mauritius.

The feature story of this issue is about Rites of Passage, Nepal Style.

Tour Day Today

Souls from around the world today enjoyed an introduction to Kauai’s Hindu Monastery and Iraivan Temple.

We were so happy to have S.J. Mudaliar, Gianamma and Usha Devi on our weekly tour. They are relatives of Munswami, who is a long time devotee & karma yogi who hosted several of our members when they traveled to Fiji to do Kavadi.

Also with us was Gottfried and Dagmar Wilfinger who traveled all the way from Austria. We also had guests from Russia today.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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