Innersearch Day Seven

Day Seven comprised to main events. In the morning everyone participated in an abhishekam for the Narmada lingam. Ravi, Sheela and Aarti Rahavendran offer milk.

Puvaneswary from the Netherlands and Parimala from Malaysia are doing honey.

Kulamata Selvon Mardemootoo from Mauritius, chandanam.

Gunamaya and her brother Alejandro from Mexico offer water as did everyone else. Gunamaya has completed her conversion to Hinduism and taken the name “Gunamaya Sivananda.” Alejandro is also very serious about becoming a Hindu and following Gurudeva’s teachings and marrying a devotee of Gurudeva.

Sudha and Thivaashenee from Singapore

Gaurav, Ripla and little Aran Malhotra,
from Chicago. Such a magical satsang of devotees from across the whole world.

Our monks followed

Sadhaka Satyanatha does the final arati. Shankar Mallampalli, Mrunal and Padmaja Patel also chanted Sri Rudram throughout. It was a powerful experience for all and Siva’s presence was indeed invoked there on the path of the Saiva Saints.

Then off we drove all the way to Ele`le to take an ocean excursion on a catamaran.

We took a few of our monks who were not on the innersearch staff along with us. Sadhaka Nilakantha with Ashish Chitnis with the incredibly view of the Napali coast in the background.

Sadhaka Nandinatha and Paramacharya Palaniswami. The views on this excursion are awesome and inspiring as the boat stays out for sunset.

Father Dasan Mahadevan and his daughter Chudika. Innersearch is also about super quality family time together!

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