Innersearch Day Nine

Day Nine of innersearch was another day packed with powerful ceremony and joyful events. Early in the morning we held the monthly puja for Gurudeva as today was Chitra Nakshatra.

Later in the morning we had a tree planting. Two Ashoka tree were placed ceremoniously in the ground.

The highlight of all the cultural events of the whole innersearch came next. The famed Odissi dancer, Vishnu Tattva das came all the way from California to perform. One of his students’ introduces him.

Vishnu had prepared a special dance program featuring rare dance of Ardhanarisvara: Lord Siva as “The Half-Female Lord”

He does the traditional offerings and invocation to Sri Jaganatha (Vishnu) and Lord Nataraja

It is impossible to describe what came next. As one innersearcher said several hours later, “The hairs on my arms are still standing… such a powerful performance, it was as Lord Nataraja had come down and gave us darshan!”

It seemed almost miraculous the way Vishnu seemed to almost be able split himself into two: the left side gracefully displaying the Lila of Shakti and the right side the powerful tandava aspect of God Shiva.

Another participant observed: “I have participated in arranging and observed over 60 Odissi performances in my lifetime and this is the first one that brought tears to my eyes.”

It was extra special for Gurudeva’s close devotees who had seen Gurudeva himself dancing in this place years ago.

Bodhinatha honors Vishnu with a shawl at the end of the performance.

After lunch we took all innersearcher who were up to it on a helicopter tour.

Gaurav smiles…

Later after coming back, the general testimony of those who flew over Kauai was, “Incredible! Fantastic!”

In the days ahead you will see some longer slideshows of these events.

That evening was the Finale Dinner. Dora Kovacs birthday was coming up in a few days so we decided to honor it today, as it is the innersearch tradition to celebrate birthdays of participants during the programs

Bodhinatha gives Dora a gift oand a shawl.

The famed Larry Rivera brought his whole extended family to perform for us. Here is one of his grand-daughters performing hula. Larry brought the joyous spirit of aloha to us on the last evening of Innersearch.

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