Thamby Kumaran darshan with Bodhinatha

Thamby Kumaran has been here for a week or so, working closely with Yoginathaswami.

He leaves for home again early tomorrow morning. He gave Bodhinatha an update of his work on Iraivan Temple’s site map.

He has also been working both here and before from California with Swami on plans that detail precisely the excavation work needed to prepare for the entry way stairs to the Nandi Mandapam and around the temple.

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  1. Easan says:

    Years ago Thamby was remodeling a fireplace in upscale Peidmont. Before putting the wall up, he carefully and securely framed an electrical socket in the framing. The multi-millionaire owner asked Thamby, “why do you go to so much trouble to make that so perfect? No-one will ever know.”

    Thamby looked up and replied, “Yes, you’re right. But I’ll know.”


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