Bee Swarm Looks for New Home

For many years we had bees living in the roof and walls of the Guru Peetam. Up there on the left. It took us all of two days to take apart the walls and open up the roof to remove them years ago.

Well, it is summer time and the hot roof must be generating the sweet fragrance of the honey and wax that was in there years ago.

Bees have an uncanny sense for finding the location of a previous residence and they have decided to move in.

The monks are doing their best to discourage them. We love bees, and in the Hawaiian culture and beehive in your residence is considered very auspicious.

But having them in such close proximity is a safety issue where some monks and visitors may be allergic to bee stings.

But, nature will have her way and it seems the new young queen has already entered and this means the bees will be very determined to stay put.

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