Satsang in Mauritius

The Northern Mission families gathered for Satsang at Adi Sankara’s home recently.

Little Omvathi Sankara welcomes the whole extended family.

The homa was intense…one could feel the presence our our Satguru and Paramaguru.

Kulapati explained lessons in Dancing With Siva, Mandala 14 on the subject of Noninjury-Ahimsa

Honoring our loving Kulamatha Selvom Mardemootoo on her birthday.

Inspiring Puja Room!

Wonderful Pada Puja..Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami !

Lord Nataraja…

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  1. Kejiou.T.S says:

    Aum Shivaya…Inspiring Shrine room…AUM

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